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HP award-winning monitors for video work and more from NAB 2015

HP started their DreamColor Z series displays in 2014 and are still pushing them forward in updates for 2015, as seen here in this video interview from the NAB Show 2015. The Z Workstations, also aimed strongly at the video/graphics market, were also featured, and are talked about here as well.
Kelly Gaither Ph.D. interview

Maverick at TACC tackles big-scale data visualization (Interview – Part 1)

TACC (The Texas Advanced Computer Center) at the University of Texas at Austin, has just deployed Maverick, a unique, powerful, high performance visualization and data analytics resource for the open science and engineering community. I spoke with Kelly Gaither, Ph.D., the principal investigator on the project and TACC’s director of Visualization, at the TACC Visualization Laboratory […]


Nvidia Teams With HP To Offer Massive “GPU Starter” Kit

NVidia and HP have teamed up to create a new GPU “Starter” kit aimed at bringing GPU computing to a wider audience without getting into all the fine details of system configuration.  However, their new “starter” kit is anything but entry-level. The system contains eight ProLiant SL390 G7 servers, packed full of 24 M2070 GPUs, […]

HP’s Wall of Touch

The Wall Street Journal has an article today on HP showing a new “wall of touch”. This is a standard display wall comprised of six LCDs. Each LCD can be anywhere from 43″ to 46″ and is capable of 1080p resolution. Philip McKinney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of H-P’s Personal Systems Group, showed […]

NVidia SLI Multi-OS in use by Energy Giant Hess

Hess Corp., a global independent energy company, had a problem.  Their visualization software and their simulation software ran on separate machines and separate operating systems (Windows and Linux) and moving the massive amounts of data between them was becoming a problem.  They turned to Nvidia for a rather unorthodox solution, using Parallels to emulate one […]

HP restores creased photos with flatbed scanners

Scientists at HP have demonstrated a technique for using ordinary, unmodified flatbed scanners to scan an image and then detect and correct defects such as creases. On the surface, the technique appears relatively simple. Most flatbed scanners use two separate light bulbs to accurately capture all the colour in a photo. By controlling these independently […]

New Z Workstation from HP with Dual Tesla’s

HP has just announced a new workstation, the Z800, that is now available with Dual NVidia Tesla units, making it one of the most powerful workstations I know of.  From the press release: In molecular dynamics, AMBER, a public research code with more than 60,000 users, has been written to leverage the massively parallel CUDA […]

HP’s announces new eSkin technology

New display technology from HP is somewhere between Flexible LCD and ePaper

Rumors of other bidders for SGI (Updated x2)

Just a few days remain in Rackable’s 25-day wait for acquisition of SGI, and while no-one has officially made an offer, it seems that a few of them are considering it.  John West over at InsideHPC has pulled some strings and gotten the scoop on a few vendors, including one very interesting possibility: HP: Although […]

HP Technology Powers DreamWorks “Monsters vs. Aliens”

If you’ve ever wondered just how much horsepower it takes to make a feature-length animated film, HP has a press release touting their involvement in the new “Monsters vs Aliens”, with some statistics for you: 40million Computing Hours, 8x more than Shrek Render the nearly 100 terabytes of disk storage. Render more than 30 sequences […]