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DIY Guide to Successful Infographic Production by Voltier Creative

by Randall Handon April 8, 2011
DIY Guide to Successful Infographic Production by Voltier Creative | Voltier Creative.  


Adobe Pro’s on Setting up a killer video system

by Randall Handon January 27, 2011
An online seminar from some of Adobe’s biggest names will be held tomorrow (via Adobe Connect of course) giving you all of the details you need to know to setup the biggest and baddest video editing system your wallet will allow. This session will show you how to configure After Effects, Premiere Pro, your computer, […]

Scraping for Journalism: A Guide for Collecting Data

by Randall Handon January 18, 2011
Every visualization scientist knows that while we enjoy creating the visualizations, the bulk of our time is spent in finding, processing, and formatting the data into some usable form.  Over at ProPublica they have a nice comprehensive series on various tools, applications, and SDK’s for handling data in a wide variety of formats. These recipes […]


Image Processing with OpenGL and Shaders

by Randall Handon November 24, 2010
A great article in The Linux Journal discusses the creation of an OpenGL-based Image Processing system that can analyze video captured from an attached camera in real-time. This article discusses using OpenGL shaders to perform image processing. The images are obtained from a device using the Video4Linux 2 (V4L2) interface. Using horsepower from the graphics […]

Project Overview: Xray Car

by Randall Handon September 3, 2010
Over at CGArena they have a step-by-step overview of creating the ‘Xray Car’, done by Houmam Munir. Hi, my name is houmam munir and I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I am 18 years old, I’m still studying and where I had most of my experience with technical drawing. For the experience in the industry […]


Ronen Bekerman on Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max

by Randall Handon March 2, 2010
Ronen Bekerman has a great short tutorial on using the Hair & Fur modifiers in 3d Studio Max.  Based on his use of the modifier on a “furry chair” from a previous image, he writes up how he did with with full screenshots and details. In my 3d interior visualization scene ‘Bedroom Concept’ I had […]