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Microsoft’s IE9 to use GPU Acceleration

Microsoft is joining the GPGPU bandwagon with the next version of their flagship browser Internet Explorer by moving all of the rendering routines of the future IE9 from the existing GDI systems to Direct2D and DirectWrite, allowing it to take full advantage of the existing GPU. Although Hachamovitch declined to peg a goal for IE9's […]

NVIDIA, Mellanox Increase Cluster Performance

Anyone who’s done any CUDA or OpenCL Programming has dealt with the problem of moving data.  First you move it from Disk to Main Memory, then from Main Memory to the CPU Memory, then the CPU Memory to the GPU Memory, where you finally do some work.  Then you reverse the whole process. It’s time […]

Programming Larrabee

Dr. Dobb’s Journal asks the question: Is Larrabee For the Rest of Us? Larrabee is the code name for a new microprocessor developed by Intel for GPGPU programming. Larrabee is meant to compete against the threat posed by AMD with its Radeon series of graphics chips, and NVIDIA with its line of GeForce graphics chips. […]

NVIDIA OptiX Real-Time Ray Tracer Now Available

GPU Ray-tracers, start your engines.. NVidia has just officially released the OptiX CUDA-based Real-Time Interactive Ray Tracer on their website, free.  Announced back at SIGGRAPH, there have been numerous demonstrations on various conferences and venues, but now you can try it for yourself. Jeff Brown, NVIDIA’s GM for Professional Solutions, explains why OptiX is invaluable: […]

ATI Stream SDK adds OpenCL GPU support

ATI/AMD has just released a new beta version (Beta4) of their ATI Stream SDK that adds OpenCL GPU support to the already existing CPU support. The new ATI Stream SDK v2.0 – beta 4 adds OpenCL GPU support to the existing CPU support. OpenCL is about accelerating applications on heterogeneous systems – ALL the processors […]

Is Fermi for Graphics? or HPC?

Nvidia has been talking about Fermi all week and keeps talking about the power of GPGPU on it, but they haven’t really said anything about the graphics capabilities.  Why is that?  Here’s a response on the hpc-focus from NVidia CEO Bill Dally: He also explained why the chip was billed as a supercomputer chip initially […]

NVidia Formally Introduces “Nexus” GPU/CPU Debugger

The previously mentioned “Nexus” toolsuite for GPU/CPU Debugging inside of Visual Studio was formally announced today at the NVidia GTC to the attendees.  Some new details: NVIDIA Nexus radically improves productivity by enabling developers of GPU computing applications to use the popular Microsoft Visual Studio-based tools and workflow in a transparent manner, without having to […]

ORNL Looks to NVidia GT300 for next Super

The age of GPU-computing got another huge boost today as a press release from NVidia shows that their new GT300 “Fermi” chip is more than vaporware and will, in fact, be the foundation of Oak Ridge’s newest supercomputer. Jeff Nichols, ORNL associate lab director for Computing and Computational Sciences, joined NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun […]

More details on NVidia’s GT300

It seems the GT300 news was actually under embargo until the GTC keynote was finished (guess BSN decided to ignore it, oh well), and now that it’s over the information is pouring out.  One great resource is an article from John West over at InsideHPC touting the new HPC-centric features of the design. The new […]

nVidia GT300 unveiled: 512 cores, up to 6GB GDDR5

BSN has some information about the upcoming GT300 chip from NVidia, and the hard silicon numbers alone are staggering: 3.0 billion transistors 40nm TSMC 384-bit memory interface 512 shader cores [renamed into CUDA Cores] 32 CUDA cores per Shader Cluster 1MB L1 cache memory [divided into 16KB Cache – Shared Memory] 768KB L2 unified cache […]

NVidia Quadro GPU’s make Spaghetti Tornadoes

The big “end scene” for Sony Imageworks’s “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” consists of a giant spaghetti tornado destroying the humble city of our heroes.  The effect was done using a tool named “SPLAT” on the new NVidia Quadro GPU’s. The memorable ‘spaghetti tornado’ scene includes elements rendered using SPLAT, SPI’s proprietary volumetric rendering […]

NVIDIA & Microsoft On High Performance GPU Computing

Microsoft is still a “young” player in the HPC market, so they’ve struck a deal with Nvidia to bring CUDA & Tesla compatibility to their newest operating system, Windows HPC Server 2008 Platform. “The coupling of GPUs and CPUs illustrates the enormous power and opportunity of multicore co-processing,” said Dan Reed, corporate vice president of […]