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NVIDIA® Application Acceleration Engines (AXE)

While the individual components are nothing new, I hadn’t heard of NVidia calling the whole system “AXE”, for Application Acceleration Engines. NVIDIA® application acceleration engines are highly optimized software modules enabling developers to take maximum advantage of the GPU with valuable, high performance capabilities that are license free to develop with and deploy. NVIDIA is […]

gpuocelot brings CUDA programs to multiple platforms

A new project on Google Code called ‘Ocelot’ aims to compile CUDA programs for execution on NVidia GPUs and x86 CPU’s. Ocelot is a dynamic compilation framework for heterogeneous systems, accomplishing this by providing various backend targets for CUDA programs. Ocelot currently allows CUDA programs to be executed on NVIDIA GPUs and x86-CPUs at full […]


DX11/DirectCompute Fluid Simulation

Jan Vlietinck has published a simple 200x200x200 fluid simulation that simulates and renders the result using the new DirectX11 DirectCompute GPU acceleration systems. The calculations make use of a well known scheme of velocity advection, Jaccobi pressure solving and making the velocity divergence free by subtracting the gradient of the pressure.This is the so called […]

Rumor Mill: ORNL kills Fermi Supercomputer: True or False?

Do you remember the story we posted, ORNL Looks to NVidia GT300 for next Super, back on September 30th? Well, according to, the project was killed since Fermi consumes too much power. However, Legit Reviews contacted several people at NVidia and ORNL who all say that the rumor is false. Read the original rumor […]

Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine for CS5 is CUDA-only!

Adobe has roled out a new playback engine in their new Premiere Pro CS5 product called “Mercury” that offers astounding performance by pushing most of the work onto the GPU.  Adobe’s video guru Mr Dennis Radeke explains: In the post, Dennis went on to explain “What is the Mercury Playback engine about? In a word, […]

NVidia Webinar on GPGPU, Tesla, and Fermi

A free webinar from NVidia and GoToMeeting will feature the new “Fermi” architecture and it’s capabilities for GPU computing, along with the previously mentioned “Mad Science Promotion”. NVIDIA’s next generation CUDA architecture, code named “Fermi” is the most advanced GPU computing architecture ever built. Join us for a live webinar to learn about the new […]

NVidia’s Mad Science Promo: Buy a Tesla Today for a Fermi Tomorrow

In a promotion sure to make Wimpy proud, Nvidia is offering a Fermi tomorrow for a Tesla today.  Buy any of their current high-end Tesla cards, and get a free upgrade to the new Fermi-based equivalent when it’s released. When you purchase a Tesla C1060 GPU Computing Processor through this promotional offer, you will qualify […]

AMD and SiSoftware creating Sandra2010 OpenCL Benchmark Suite

SiSoftware has just recently announced the availability of it’s first OpenCL GPGPU Benchmarks as part of Sandra 2010, and now AMD has announced that they’ll be supporting it as a global OpenCL Benchmark package.  Such common benchmark suites are popular in the HPC arena as a way to benchmark common performance characteristics in suites like […]

Marching Cubes using Histogram Pyramids

A new C++ library called HPMC sponsored by the Research Council of Norway enables isosurface extraction of volumetric data directly on the GPU using histogram pyramids and vertex shaders. The library analyzes a lattice of scalar values describing a scalar field that is either stored in a Texture3D or can be accessed through an application-provided […]

AccelerEyes releases Jacket GBENCH

Accelereyes has release Jacket GBENCH 1.0 for benchmarking GPU performance on your system across a wide variety of scientific algorithms, including LU Decomposition, FFT’s, BLAS, 3D Convolutions, and more. GBENCH is a practical application benchmark measured in real seconds and is not meant to be a scientific or theoretical benchmark measured in GFLOPs. Also note […]