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Tracking the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill using Google Earth

We have talked about some of the resources that you can use to track the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Another tracking tool that you can use if Google Earth. Hopefully the new containment dome will work, which will take care of about 85% of the oil that is spewing out. Then they […]

High Speed Video: Google Chrome Rendering Speed Tests

This new Google Chrome ad that showcases the incredible rendering speed has been making the rounds all week, but I just noticed it’s been updated with some detailed technical information on how they made it.  Recorded with the Phantom v640 High Speed Camera at full-HD (capable of 2700fps), they had to get creative with the […]


Google Earthly pleasures come to Maps

Google has just rolled out a new feature for Google Maps users that appeals specifically to fans (And users) of Google Earth.  Now in the upper right next to the usual “Maps” and “Satellite” views, there is an “Earth” view button that loads in the 3D terrain data and any available buildings to render it […]

Graphic: Government requests directed to Google and YouTube

Google has created a new politically-motivated interactive mashup that shows the quantity of takedown notices and user information requests from various world governments.  This includes takedown notices for sites like Youtube, and access information for various websites and users.  While still in development, it’s pretty easy to see that the US is second only to […]


Google Street View in Pseudo-3D

As one of Google’s “April’s Fools Pranks”, they’ve enabled Anaglyphics Red-Cyan stereo on Google Street View.  Simply load up street view as you normally would, and you’ll see a new icon there to enable it. In reality, it looks like they’re just duplicating and shifting the existing image a bit, it doesn’t really add much […]
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Tour the March Madness arenas in 3D

Sufferers of March Madness may be able to temporarily alleviate their symptoms by firing up Google Earth and checkout out the newly added Sketchup models of 14 of the arenas. Here at the SketchUp office, we gathered 14 models of the arenas and added them to a Featured Collection. These models are located all over […]


Google aims for easier 3D Web

People have been trying for a long time now to bring 3-D to the world wide web. We have had VRML and Web3D, but nothing really seems to have taken off. CNet has posted an article in Google’s attempt to bring 3-D to the web. As always, there are some problems that need to be […]

What do you suggest? is a new way of searching for information on the web. The web site takes an input query, and displays the results from Google Suggest in a tree form. For example, if you enter a search item into the entry field, and it gives you options on where you can go from there. For […]


Statistics for a changing world: Google Public Data Explorer in Labs

Google has expanded their ‘public data search feature’ they announced a while back with several new datasources, and connected it with a new interactive visualization tool they call the ‘Public Data Explorer’. With a handful of data providers, there are already billions of possible charts to explore. We currently provide data from the same three […]

Google facts and figures (massive infographic)

The folks at Pingdom have put together an infographic on The Internet Google. It is a pretty massive set of facts and numbers that have been acquired, so take a look at it. And let’s face it, Google is a pretty interesting company. In fact, we think it’s so interesting that we put together this […]


20 Geeky Images from Space

Wired’s Geekdad has a collection of 20 fun and geeky images captured by satellite and visible in everyone’s favorite map viewer Google Maps.  Ranging from air force bases and the GooglePlex itself to crop designs and herds of animals, it’s a great collection. Space is full of images that make a geek’s heart flutter. But […]
Follow on Google Buzz now Google-Buzz Enabled

While the jury is still out on whether Google Buzz will redefine the internet and social media, or fizzle into the plethora of social media options, the buzz on buzz is too big to ignore.  You’ve probably already noticed the neat little “Buzz This” buttons accompanying posts, and those of you using Buzz can now […]