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Twilight Calculator

Photographers are always in search of that magic time they call “Twilight” or “Magic Hour”.  Not the fancy glittery vampire kind, but rather that magic time where the Sun and Moon align to give some truly spectacular lighting opportunities for photographs.  Now you can predict your own Twilight times with a great Google Maps mashup […]

Google Ngram Viewer

Google has a neat & simple tool online as part of their massive Google Books undertaking called the ‘Ngram Viewer’.  Simply enter a comma-delimited list of words and see the frequency of those words in printed literature going back to the 1800′s and earlier.  In the example above I compare ‘napoleon’ to ‘caesar’, and you […]


Google Map Foreclosure Tricks

Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture economic blog points us to a nice trick that you can do with Google Maps to see foreclosures across the nation, and in your neighborhood. Goto Google Maps. On the right hand side of the map, select “More” This will pull up a drop-down menu from which you can […]

Clean Up your Messy Data with Google Refine

Google has released a new open-source tool called ‘Google Refine’ that aims to make cleaning up messy datasets a breeze.  Their description is a bit sparse: Google Refine is a power tool for working with messy data, cleaning it up, transforming it from one format into another, extending it with web services, and linking it […]


The Dangers of Visualization: Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica

Shown above is the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica (the grey line) on both Google MAps and Bing Maps.  They’re not identical, but they’re close enough right?  Let me point you to a piece on SearchEngine Land about a recent military ‘event’. A Nicaraguan military commander, relying on Google Maps, moved troops into an […]

Google Proposes replacing JPEG with WebP

Today, Google announced a possible replacement for the worldwide accepted standard for web images.  Just like JPEG, Google’s new ‘WebP’ format is a lossy compression standard based on the guts of their WebM video codec (formerly called VP8). WebP uses predictive coding to encode an image, the same methodology used by the VP8 video codec […]


Google This – 13 Years of World Domination Visualized

Tiago Veloso’s latest contribution on InspiredMag is a collection of visualizations of the growth of Google and their various properties (YouTube) to world dominating proportions. September 15, 1997. That was the day Larry Page and Sergey Brin officially registered the domain, and the internet was never the same. Because true inspiration – and innovation […]


Google releases SketchUp v8

It seems Google has quietly released a new major upgrade for SketchUp that includes model geolocation, color imagery, and a new tool called ‘Building Maker’.  They’ve added improved tools for photo matching, and all around seem to have done a good job of adapting SketchUp to be a great tool for architectural modeling. The pro […]

Tracking Google’s Acquisitions

Tracking Google’s Acquisitions.