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The Augmented Lecture Feedback System

Another interesting use-case for wearable AR systems like Google Glass comes from a Spanish university that has integrated it into a lecturer system for monitoring classroom participation. Researchers at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed the Augmented Lecture Feedback System (ALFs), a HUD glasses interface that teachers can wear while giving a lecture. From […]

Atheer Labs demonstrates a 3D, virtual-reality headset technology

At the All Things Digital event, Atheer Labs demonstrated another partygoer in the rapidly growing Augmented Reality headwear space.  Mistakenly called a “virtual-reality” headset by Venturebeat, it’s actually an optical see-through augmented reality display. During the demo, founder Allen Yang stood onstage wearing the headset (pictured above) while controlling a display by moving his head […]

meta: The Only Fully Augmented Reality Glasses by meta

First the Oculus Rift, then Google Glasses and Cast, and now Mr. Wearable Computer himself is out with his own device “The Meta”, listed now on kickstarter.  For $750, you get the Epson see-through display glasses and a SoftKinetic camera on your forehead, all connected through software magic to create an augmented reality see-through display. […]

Cast AR hands-on with Jeri Ellsworth at Maker Faire 2013

Reminiscent of the beginnings of the Oculus Rift, there’s now a new Augmented Reality headwear coming to Kickstarter from some old Valve employees and Jeri Ellsworth.  They had some rough prototypes at the recent Maker Faire 2013, and the folks from engadget were there to get pics and an interview. We interacted with a variety […]

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3D Glasses Infrared Protocols

If you’ve wondered why your LG 3d Active Glasses won’t play nice with your Samsung TV or your Sony system, researchers at Curtin University have your answer.  In their new whitepaper “A Survey of 3D Sync IR Protocols” they cover the many differences in the various glasses. The protocols were measured by connecting the emitter/dongle […]

NVIDIA 3D Vision launches Next-Gen 3D Glasses and Monitors

NVidia has just announced the newest version of their 3D Vision products, attempting to squash the common complaints of darkness and faint imagery from active displays.  The new tech boasts “LightBoost” technology, doubling the typical brightness of the displays through special monitors and a new generation of classes. “NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology makes 3D games, […]


NATO Slams Sony for 3D-Glasses Charges

A battle for the future of 3D cinema is brewing between Sony and Theaters over the cost of 3D Glasses.  Previously provided by Sony, now they want individual theater guests to buy their own sets of glasses, which NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) says really translates to increases deployment costs fot theaters. In its […]

In Depth: Are glasses killing 3D TV?

A recent research study in the UK shows that a significant majority of 3D TV owners only own the glasses that came with their equipment, and a percentage (13%) don’t even own that. “The glasses issue is very real,” says Jia Wu, a senior analyst at the firm. “Naturally enough, people would rather not have […]


Vuzix STAR 1200 Augmented Reality System

Vuzix is back with an impressive new offering for Augmented Reality fans, the STAR1200 which packs a HD camera, 6-dof head-tracker, control logic, connectivity, and more all into 1 amazing (and pricey) pair of glasses. A high-speed 1080p high definition camera with a dedicated USB connection enables exceptional performance for marker or object recognition. The […]

NVIDIA’s New 3D Vision Wired Glasses Only $99

In a decidedly odd move, NVidia has just released a new generation of their popular 3D glasses.  In an attempt to cut down on the price, the new glasses are available in a USB-powered wired version for only $99. NVIDIA 3D Vision wired glasses, which feature NVIDIA’s advanced active-shutter technology, allow gamers and 3D enthusiasts […]


CEA kicks off process to standardize active 3D glasses

It took long enough, but the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has finally decided it’s time to come to some standard agreement on active 3D glasses technology.  They’re currently forming a working group with the sexy name ‘R4WG16’ with the goal of coming up with a standard. After proposals have been submitted, R4WG16 will select the […]

Mad Catz CoD: Black Ops ProGaming Glasses Review

Over at BenchmarkReviews they put the new “Call of Duty Black Ops” ProGaming Glasses through their paces.  The glasses are actually just rebranded Gunnar’s, glasses specifically made for extended computer usage through colored lenses & special construction.  I’ve been eying a pair of Gunnars for quite some time, although I would need prescription ones which […]