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Golaem launches Golaem Crowd at FMX

Competing with tools like ‘MASSIVE’, a company called Golaem will be launching Golaem Crowd for Maya next week at FMX, letting you create massive scenes of thousands of actors within Autodesk’s Maya. Issued from years of academic researches on virtual humans, Golaem Crowd enables to streamline digital content creation, allowing to: Reuse existing motion choreographies […]

Chaos Group to present VRay 2.0 at FMX2011

If you’ll be at FMX2011 checkout on NVidia, then you should also swing by the Chaos Group presentations to see them presenting the new V-Ray 2.0 for Maya. FMX 2011 coincides with the upcoming release of V-Ray 2.0 for Maya – now with interactive rendering on CPU and GPU – which will officially launch at […]


NVidia at FMX2011

At next week’s FMX show, NVidia is sponsoring a wide variety of presentations focused on lighting and rendering, including lots of the guys behind the recent film ‘Rio’.  In addition, they’ll be talking about use of NVidia products with things like Maxwell Render and V-Ray. “As attendees will see, some of the most advanced uses […]