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Unity and Flash : a sneak peek.

Unity has been picking up a lot of steam lately for it’s simplicity and ability to quickly prototype impressive 3D visuals and games, but has been locked out of several platforms because it requires the Unity Player.  That may change soon, however, thanks to a newly demonstrated feature that allows you to export Unity projects […]

3D APIs for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR

Last week at the  Adobe MAX event they announced “Project Molehill”, a collection of 3D Acceleration APIs that take advantage of GPUs for high-speed and high-quality rendering. Today, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, renders thousands of non z-buffered triangles at approximately 30 Hz. With the new 3D APIs, developers can expect hundreds of thousands of z-buffered […]


Alternativa 3D goes free

The 3D Flash-based gaming engine Alternativa3D is now free for all to use, requiring only a link to Alternativa Company even in commercial projects. In addition, the new version utilizes new Flash3D API’s. Second, Alternativa works on Alternativa 3D 8 engine based on new Flash player with the next generation 3D API’s. It’s all what […]

Vispol – An Interactive Scenario Visualization

Johannes Luderschmidt’s final master’s thesis was the creation of a multi-touch capable visualization tool to be used in law enforcement that he called ‘Vispol’. Targeted for ‘special situations’ like hostage scenarios or bank heists, the system is meant to work as a centralized data consolidation and analysis platform for the multitude of data sources police […]


Infographic: Apple and Adobe

The war of words and technology wages on between Apple and Adobe about getting Flash and Flash-based technology onto the iPhone and iPad, but the intertwined history of the two companies can make it a bit difficult to separate the reality and the rhetoric.  A new infographic from Enrique Serrano tries to break it down […]

Adobe Enables Flash GPU Acceleration in OS X

Adobe has recently delivered a beta version of Flash 10.1 that enables GPU acceleration under the OS X operating system. This is a feature that the Windows operating system has had for several months now. AnandTech takes the new beta flash player for a spin to see how much it truly helps, and finds some […]


Flare: Data Visualization for the Web

Today I ran across Flare, which is a data visualization tool for the web that utilizes Adobe Flash. Flare can do animations, tree graphs, bubble maps, stacked time series, scatter plots, bar graphs, and more. For example, the image to the right visualizes the changing labor force in the United States over the past 150 […]

3D Unity Gaming: PuzzleBloom

I was checking out some of the big indie gaming hits, and came across PuzzleBloom.  A fun little web-based flash game, it’s a clever little mind-control game where you take control of various creatures and move them around to your goal.  The interesting part, to me, was the fully rendered 3D world, running quite smoothly […]

Visualizing Five Elastic Years of just celebrated its fifth birthday, and one enterprising fan constructed a great interactive flash visualization of all 1,950 posts that appeared on the site. Here is how it works: The little tiles on the left represent the individual posts, with color stripes representing their categories. You can find a color legend in the category […]

AMD/ATI Accelerating GPU Flash Player 10.1 Too

Lest you think that NVidia is the only GPU provider implementing acceleration for Flash video, AMD has just announced that they are also implementing hardware acceleration to be available on the same timeline at the NVidia offering. AMD’s informed us that it plans to support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 at the same level and in […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Comes to Smartphones

Looks like last week’s rumor is true, as a new announcement today from NVidia & Adobe states that they are working together on bringing Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to netbooks & mobile devices.  The iPhone is still lacking, but betas are expected to be out for PalmOS & Windows Mobile later this year, with Blackberry, […]

NVIDIA demos GPU-accelerated Flash video (with Video)

It’s supposed to be top-secret, but it seems a german site ( has goofed up and let it slip: a GPU-accelerated Flash player made with help from NVidia. The below video compares playback of a 720p Flash trailer for 2009’s Star Trek movie on an Atom-based netbook with integrated Intel graphics and an NVIDIA ION-based […]