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GeForce GTX 480 PCI-Express Scaling Review

If you want the new GeForce GTX480 card, but don’t have a motherboard that’s capable of the new PCIe x16 standard, you might think it’s beyond your means.  Many people don’t realize that the PCI-Express system is comprised of multiple independent data-paths, called “lanes” by many, and that while the GeForce GTX480 uses all 16, […]

GeForce GTX 480 Tortured by FurMark

The GeForce GTX480 is still pretty difficult to come by, but that hasn’t stopped the few lucky benchmarking sites that got one from putting it through some pretty grueling tests.  Over at Geeks3d, they push it with FurMark to discover just how much the card can take.  A full load, the card draws 300W (more […]

PAX East: NVIDIA Keynote Presentation

Nvidia has released footage of their keynote presentation where they announced the GeForce GTX 480 and 470. The second part of the footage is after the jump.

Lower Cost Nvidia Cards This Summer

Guru3d has reported that specifications for the GeForce GTX 450, 440 and 430 have surfaced. The GTX or GTS 440 and 450 would have a 40nm GF104 core. This core has 256 shader cores and a 256-bit memory bus. The GTS 440 would have 20% slower clock speeds than the GTS 450. The GTS 430, […]


Microsoft on the new NVidia GTX480

In a new blog post from Microsoft, you can almost hear the cheers as NVidia finally released a new video card compatible with DirectX11, removing what might be the last hurdle to users not upgrading to Windows 7. The new features and capabilities of the GTX 480 and GTX 470 are exposed especially in Windows […]

Videos of GeForce GTX 480 Presentation at PAX East

r34p3rex recorded the presentation of the GeForce GTX 480 and 470 at PAX East and has posted it to YouTube. Enjoy. Recorded at PAX East 2010 in Boston. This was Nvidia’s introduction of its code named “Fermi” line of GPU’s, the GTX 400 series. The GTX 480 and 470 were the only cards announced at […]

Nvidia Releases Game Developer Interviews

Nvidia has posted a video on YouTube where they interview developers for Battlefield Bad Company 2, Just Cause 2, Metro 2033 and more. They talk about 3-D Vision, and using CUDA in the latest games. The video is 8 and a half minutes long, and has some bloody violent parts to it. via : YouTube

Toms Hardware on Fermi: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Toms Hardware has their massive 20 page review online talking about everything you ever wanted to know about the new Fermi GeForce cards, and ends up breaking it down into 3 main things: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  The cliff notes (reduced for size): First, the good—performance. Fortunately for Nvidia, it had a […]

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NVIDIA Launches The GeForce GTX 400 Series GPUs

NVidia is unveiling the new GeForce GTX400, based on the Fermi chipset, and it looks like most of the rumors were true. I’m not going to bore you with all of the details, but I will update this post with crucial nuggets of information and links to other reviews.  First off is this morning’s leaked […]

Nvidia setting up at PAX East

Reminds me of the old SGI days at Supercomputing. We’ve made it Boston and we’re finishing up our setup for PAX East! Everyone’s been working around the clock to get our booth ready in time for today’s opening. We have over 16 systems ready for gamers to get their hands on, with everything from DX11 […]