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NVidia: Claims of 20% yields are Untrue

NVidia’s General Manager of MCP Business Drew Henry held an interview with Digitimes magazine in which they discuss the absence of a 512-core Fermi card, the results of the initial benchmarks, and if DRAM price inflation will impact upcoming produce prices.  Along the way, they push for details on the reports of poor yields out […]

4-way SLI GeForce GTX 480 review

If you thought the 3-Way SLI GTX480 benchmark was a bit extreme, then check out this impressive 4-way SLI GTX480 review from .  At least they don’t have any quams about stating up front that the entire test if a bit frivolous. To date, no publication in the world is a 4-way GTX 480 […]


NVIDIA (NVDA) Downgraded to Hold amid Concerns on Fermi

Stock analysts have gotten some information on the inner workings of NVidia, and evidently didn’t like what they saw.  Claiming chip yields of 20-30%  for the Fermi processors, and a backlog inventory of only 10,000, they’ve downgraded from “Strong Buy” to “Hold” and expect them to lose market share in upcoming quarters. Needham analyst says […]

CULAtools Benchmarks of Initial Fermi Performance

The developers of CULATools, a linear algebra library specifically designed and optimized for CUDA architectures, got their hands on the Fermi-based NVidia Tesla C2050 and put it through the paces.  With almost no changes to the code (only a few compiler flags, no code changes), they got huge performance gains. As you can see, Fermi […]


Clash of the Titans: 3-way SLI GTX 480 test

Hardware.Info managed to get three of the new NVidia GTX480′s in a 3-way SLI rig, and put it through it’s paces against athe Radeon 5970′s and 5870′s.  While there are some impressive discoveries, such as the failure of a 1KW power supply to keep the rig operational, the 3-way SLI rig seems to win in […]

Nvidia holds gaming festival in China to promote GeForce GTX480/470

We have posted rumors about the yields for the GTX480 and GTX470 in the past. One rumor was that the GF100 yields are below 50% at TSMC. This is an improvement over the 2% yields reported last year. 50% yields are in line with what was reported for ATI last year. Nvidia recently held the […]


GeForce GTX 460 rumors is reporting that the GeForce GTX 460 will be arriving on June 1st. The timing is about right since COMPUTEX runs from June 1st to June 5th. The GTX 460 is rumored to have 384 shader cores running at 500 to 600 MHz. The memory bus would be 256 bits wide, run at about […]

EVGA teases with GTX 480 4 Way SLI

Guru3d has some pictures from EVGA running a setup of four, count them, four GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards running in quad-SLI. Can you imagine the power supply that would be needed to drive that thing? Let’s see here. Four GeForce GTX 480′s at 250 Watts apiece equals one kilowatt of power. And that does […]


GeForce GTX 480 has 1/8th Double Precision Performance

Since the GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla products are all based on the same graphics chip from Nvidia, one of the things that people have done is to buy the lower cost product (GeForce) and use it like a higher cost product (Quadro and Tesla). Sure you may have to give up on a few features, […]

Nvidia Responds to GTX 480 Comments

Over at Nvidia’s nTersect blog, Drew Henry has written a nice short post acknowledging some of the public’s comments about the incredible power consumption and heat dissipation of the GTX470 and GTX480. We wanted to let you know that we’ve also heard your concerns about GTX 480 with respect to power and heat. When you […]