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Nicholas Felton’s Students Hack Nike+ Data

by Randall Handon June 7, 2011
Using data taken from the popular Nike+ sensor, students under the guidance of Nicholas Felton tried to parse it out and find some interesting stuff.  What they found was not just interesting patterns, but odd (and often hilarious) bad data showing runners vanishing, teleporting, and traveling through time. These, of course, are glitches in the […]


Facebook Acquires Daytum for Product Design Team

by Randall Handon April 27, 2011
Daytum, the information tracking startup founded by the famous info-designer Nicholas Felton, has been acquired by Facebook. Daytum is at least the third New York-based company Facebook has acquired, and its founders will be moving west to join the Facebook product design team at its headquarters. I wonder if this means we’ll see yet another […]