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Resource Of The Week 9/1/10: CUDA By Example

This week’s recommended resource is for anyone gearing up for NVidia’s GPU Technology Conference at the end of this month, and comes straight from two senior developers in the CUDA software platform team, the recently released CUDA By Example. CUDA by Example, written by two senior members of the CUDA software platform team, shows programmers […]

Resource of The Week for 8/25/2010: HDRi

This week’s resource aims to teach you everything you ever wanted to know (probably much more, in fact) about High Dynamic Range Imaging and its use in Image Based Lighting.  This is actually the second edition of the original High Dynamic Range Imaging text,High Dynamic Range Imaging, Second Edition: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting. High […]


Resource Of The Week: OpenGL SuperBible

This week’s recommended resource is the latest (5th) edition of the OpenGL Superbible from Richard Wright and Addison-Wesley publishing. OpenGL® SuperBible, Fifth Edition is the definitive programmer’s guide, tutorial, and reference for the world’s leading 3D API for real-time computer graphics, OpenGL 3.3. The best all-around introduction to OpenGL for developers at all levels of […]

The Autodesk-Pfeiffer ROI Studies

At SIGGRAPH2010, Autodesk was advertising a collection of new ROI studies done by Pfeiffer Consulting, showing the vast impact newer versions of 3dsMax and Maya have had on their users.  One frequent argument from managers and people not intimately familiar with the products is what changed between 3dsMax 2009 and 2008 that justifies the expense?  […]


SIGGRAPH: Talking to Autodesk

While at SIGGRAPH, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Autodesk about some of their new offerings, the 20th Anniversary of 3dsMax, and the ‘rivalry’ between Maya and Max.  All in all, Autodesk doesn’t look to be shedding the title of ‘Behemoth of the Computer Graphics Industry’ anytime soon, and they’ve got […]

SIGGRAPH: Talking to Lightworks

One company I always enjoy talking to at SIGGRAPH is Lightworks, creators of an impressive suite of software you may have never heard of.  Many people are largely unaware of the Lightworks tools because they market them not to end-users, but rather to other businesses and application developers as a pre-built rendering solution.  The result […]


More Insights into the OpenGL4.1, OpenGLES2.0, & WebGL Situation

Update 8/5: By request from Khronos, I’ve added all the little ™ and ® ‘s. Last week I posted a rather, well let’s just say “sensational”, article about the coincidental announcement by AMD/ATI of their new OpenGL|ES2.0 Driver for Desktops and Khronos’s announcement of the OpenGL® 4.1 spec which offers full backwards compatability with the […]

SIGGRAPH: Talking to Craft Animations

So, you’ve just finished the week/month long task of modeling your huge environment.  You’ve got beautifully detailed architecture looking over expansive plains, beautiful HDRi lighting and environment maps, perhaps some of the most beautiful architectural landscapes ever created.  But it’s completely lifeless.  There are no people, no cars, no signs of life. The “simplest” solution […]

SIGGRAPH: A Show in Pictures

Here’s some photos of SIGGRAPH2010 taken during my stay.  I’m leaving now, but it’s been a great week.  A wealth of technical content (Computational Photography, Image Statistics, many in-depth sessions on Avatar) and a nice exhibition floor.  The exhibition floor, however, was surprisingly small this year, I would say even smaller than last year’s New […]
NVIDIA Quadro Fermi key visual 300x250 5x faster perf-smokin car best ever

Benchmarking NVidia’s new Quadro 5000

Since the Fermi chipset came to reality in the GTX480 card, high end graphics professionals have had a difficult choice.  They can take the latest and greatest technology, the GeForce GTX480, or go back a generation for a QuadroFX 4800 (or similar).   Several of the newer CUDA applications for professionals, like the Adobe CS5 applications, […]


SIGGRAPH: Future Directions of Graphics Research

This afternoon I took in a panel discussion entitled “Future Directions of Graphics Research”.  I had expected a panel of experts going into blue-sky visions of research so mind-bending it would leave us all raving lunatics, but instead I found something much different. The Computer Graphics industry is suffering from its own success.  Recent smashes […]


Today began the first day of SIGGRAPH 2010 here in sunny Los Angeles.  The schedule is a bit different this year than previous years, and I thought I’ld share some of the changes. Perhaps the most visible change is in the Schedule.  Sunday has traditionally been nothing but a registration day, but this year contains […]