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EVGA Unleashes GeForce GTX 570 With 2.5GB Memory

EVGA has just released a new non-reference GeForce GTX570 card that doubles the onboard memory to an impressive 2560MB, but maintaining most of the other specs. In addition,the graphics card features 2560MB GDDR5 memory,core/Shader/memory clock of 732MHz/1464MHz/950MHz(data rate of 3800MHz),provides dual-DVI,a HDMI and a DisplayPort connectors. via EVGA Unleashes GeForce GTX 570 With 2.5GB Memory […]

EVGA GeForce GTX 460 is NVIDIA’s first dual-Fermi Card

Earlier this week AMD threw down the performance gauntlet with their dual-chip Radeon HD6990.  Today, NVidia answers their challenge with some help from EVGA thanks to the new GeForce GTX460 “2Win”, which contains dual GF104 Fermi chips. EVGA has just set loose the details of a new GTX 460 2Win graphics card, which ticks along […]


EVGA Dual-Screen InterView on Sale

Quick notice here that EVGA has just put the hinged dual-screen “InterView” system on sale.  Typically $549, you can get it now for $399, a $150 savings off the price. We’ve discussed the InterView Before, the dual 17-inch display offers resolution of only 1440×900, but for only $300 it’s competitive with larger displays price-wise. EVGA […]

eVGA GeForce GTX 465 SC review

Guru3D takes the new EVGA GeForce GTX465 (based on the Fermi Chipset) out for a spin and write up their results for us.  In short, they love the performance and noise levels, but find it difficult to justify at the current price point.  In particular, the overclocking potential is interesting: So guys, there you have […]

DirectX 11 Tessellation Comparison Video

EVGA whipped up a nice DirectX 11 Tessellation video which shows off the new visual enhancements you can expect on the latest GTX 480/470 cards from EVGA! via : DirectX 11 Tessellation Comparison Video

The EVGA W555 dual-Xeon/7-PCIe motherboard

Here’s what you simply must put in your next desktop: the new EVGA W555 motherboard with dual-Xeon chipsets, a dozen DDR3-ready memory slots, and an impressive 7  PCIe slots. As you can see, the W555 isn’t exactly small. As we haven’t had a chance to play with a board yet, the exact dimensions are unknown, […]

EVGA GeForce GTX275 CO-OP PhysX Edition Debuted

EVGA’s Halloween Announcement came and went, as just like predicted they announced a new “CoOp” card that combined dual NVidia GPU’s for graphics & PhysX processing. The card combines a GeForce GTX 275 (240 processing cores, 633/2268/1296MHz core/memory/shader) and a GeForce GTS 250 (128 processing cores, 738/2200/1836MHz), with the latter one only being used when […]

Mysterious Halloween Announcement from EVGA and NVIDIA

EXPreview is reporting that EVGA has sent out 300 invitations to a special event at NVidia headquarters on Halloween night, where they’ll be launching a new GeForce product.  Of course, they’re keeping it all mysterious but news is leaking out. According to what BSN has found out, this would be a dual-GPU card by combining […]

The EVGA InterView Dual-Monitor Setup

EVGA has unveiled their latest offering in the monitor space, the “InterView”.  It’s a pair of 17-inch monitors running at 1440×900, on a single stand with a 1.3-megapixel webcam embedded directly between them. The really interesting part is that the monitors are mounted on 180-degree swivels to make it great for sharing work with other […]

EVGA Announces GTX 285 Mac Edition

EVGA has announced their GTX285 for the Mac Pro is ready to go, for $449.

EVGA live chat with MotionDSP about vReveal

EVGA will be hosting a live chat with MotionDSP about their vReveal software this Thursday April 16th at 6pm PST. vReveal is an image & video processing tool for cleaning up blurry or dark video, and support NVidia CUDA acceleration for improved performance. EVGA | Intelligent Innovation.

EVGA x58 SLI Motherboard

Anandtech has a good review of the EVGA x58 SLI Motherboard with the integrated Intel chipset.  In the end, they give it a fairly good review (a Silver Rating) but mostly for non-technical reasons (Service & Support).   They found some issues with the S3 resume process and some memory latency issues, but read the full […]