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Hour of Code for Computer Science Education Week

December 9-15, 2013 is Computer Science Education Week which is promoting “Hour of Code“, with celebrities from Ashton Kusher to Shakira among the “non-techies”, as well as Bill Gates and President Obama all suggesting that everyone should spend one hour to learn how to code. The website for the Hour of Code is simply […]

Extreme by Design: video about Design Thinking applied to real-world problems

  EXTREME BY DESIGN, a new documentary produced by Hawkview Pictures and Kikim Media, premieres Wednesday December 11, 2013, 10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET (check local listings) on PBS. The documentary vividly brings to life an educational sensation at Stanford University by capturing the experience of 40 students from the Institute of Design ( as they design and build products that may save […]


Kitware Professional Training Courses

Kitware is preparing their training courses for the fall, and is now accepting registrations for a new VTK development course in September.  The objects look simple enough: 1. Understand data structures, readers and filters – how they work and how to write new ones 2. Understand interaction and widgets – how they work and how […]

Daden release results of its Authoring Tools for Immersive Training survey

Daden Limited has just released the results of their Immersive Training Authoring Tools survey, trying to figure out who is using immersive environments for training purposes and how they’re doing it.  Not surprisingly, Education was the biggest sector but the tools they use were a bit surprising. Nearly 47% of the respondents were from education, […]


SGI Offering OpenGL Programming

In what could be construed as baby steps back to their old Graphics roots, SGI is offering some OpenGL training to students in 2012.  It’s a 4.5 day classroom environment that’s supposed to take you from nothing to OpenGL, GLSL, and rendering sufficiency. Students learn to view and model in 3D, and to create animated, […]

Kitware now offering Free Online Courses

If you’ve always wanted to know more about VTK or Paraview but haven’t had the time, or haven’t been able to convince your management to spring for paid training, Kitware has heard your complaints. Kitware is pleased to announce the availability of free online courses in support of its open-source communities. The courses, designed to […]

Knight Center offers new course: “Intro to Infographics and Visualization for Journalists”

Alberto Cairo, directory of infographics for Epoca magazine, is launching a course for reporters with the Knight Center for Journalism in the America that hopes to teach journalists the importance of visualizing data and information. In the course, Cairo will show journalists how to use graphics to communicate and analyze data. “You don’t need to […]

Infographic: How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media

Infographic: How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media | Masters in


CGWorkshops: Nuke Compositing

CGSociety has just announced a new workshop coming up on Nuke Compositing, lead by industry legend Steve Wright. The $600 course begins later this month and runs for 8 weeks (into September), and promises to get you everything you need to get up-to-speed on 3D Editing in Nuke. Nuke’s importance to the VFX industry is […]

UW Certificate in Virtual Worlds

The University of Washington’s Continuing Education program is now offering a certificate in Virtual Worlds, offered via all in-world education. Learn to use immersive virtual environments to enhance business, social and educational interactions within all types of organizations. Examine methods for creating increasingly sophisticated virtual worlds that incorporate game theory, 3D environments and information science. […]

Chapter4.1-Output-300x234 Chapter 4: Entering the Third Dimension

The next chapter of the is now online, focusing on rendering and geometry in 3-dimensions with OpenGL. If you’re learning OpenGL, it’s very likely you’re doing so to learn how to render three-dimensional data. In this chapter, we’ll be placing our very first step in the world of three-dimensional computer graphics. We’ll learn: The […]

User Issues in Stereoscopic 3D Displays

One week from today, Dr. Martin Banks of the Visual Space Perception Laboratory of UC Berkeley will be hosting a free webinary on user issues in 3D Displays.  He’s got a wide range of issues to discuss that are relevant to everyone from 3d production to human vision experts. A variety of user issues. The […]