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Infographic: How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media

by Randall Handon July 6, 2011
Infographic: How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media | Masters in


UW Certificate in Virtual Worlds

by Randall Handon July 1, 2011
The University of Washington’s Continuing Education program is now offering a certificate in Virtual Worlds, offered via all in-world education. Learn to use immersive virtual environments to enhance business, social and educational interactions within all types of organizations. Examine methods for creating increasingly sophisticated virtual worlds that incorporate game theory, 3D environments and information science. […]

Chapter4.1-Output-300x234 Chapter 4: Entering the Third Dimension

by Randall Handon June 27, 2011
The next chapter of the is now online, focusing on rendering and geometry in 3-dimensions with OpenGL. If you’re learning OpenGL, it’s very likely you’re doing so to learn how to render three-dimensional data. In this chapter, we’ll be placing our very first step in the world of three-dimensional computer graphics. We’ll learn: The […]

User Issues in Stereoscopic 3D Displays

by Randall Handon June 9, 2011
One week from today, Dr. Martin Banks of the Visual Space Perception Laboratory of UC Berkeley will be hosting a free webinary on user issues in 3D Displays.  He’s got a wide range of issues to discuss that are relevant to everyone from 3d production to human vision experts. A variety of user issues. The […]


SGI offers OpenGL Programming Course

by Randall Handon June 6, 2011
Now here’s something I didn’t expect.  SGI is preparing an OpenGL Training Course over in California where students get a nice 5-day course on OpenGL, GLEW, and GLSL. Students learn to view and model in 3D, and to create animated, wire frame and solid geometery, under interactive control from input devices. Students add lighting, textures, […]


Computerized table lets Stanford students do virtual dissection

by Randall Handon May 18, 2011
The Stanford Medical University has a new toy from Anatomage that provides lifelike interactive visuals with a multitude of anatomical datasets. The new virtual dissection table takes advantage of 20th-century technological advancements in imaging, such as X-rays, ultrasound and MRIs, and combines them for use in a 7-foot by 2.5-foot screen. At Stanford, the table […]

Learn Processing with Processing Month

by Randall Handon May 3, 2011
If you’ve ever wanted to learn the visualization language “Processing”, now’s your chance.  Every day during the month of May, the Vormplus blog has entries for “Processing Month”, covering everything from the mundane (creating points, drawing lines) to the advanced (Data queries and interactivity).  Looks like something to bookmark! Blog | Vormplus.