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Yahoo & Tronic’s new Interactive Video Wall

If you go visit the Yahoo Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, you’ll see a large display of 9 LCD televisions showing various little blocks in the shape of the Yahoo Logo.  What you might not expect is that as soon as you walk past this display it automatically begins to follow and interact with you, despite […]

Navigating a 13.3 gigapixel image on a 22 megapixel display wall

Gigapixel images are great, but navigating them on a regular sized display through a slow web browser isn’t such a great experience. This video shows how we navigate a 13.3 gigapixel image of Tromsø, Norway on a 22 megapixel display wall, using a custom, camera-based multi-touch interface and a custom system for high-performance navigation and […]

HP’s Wall of Touch

The Wall Street Journal has an article today on HP showing a new “wall of touch”. This is a standard display wall comprised of six LCDs. Each LCD can be anywhere from 43″ to 46″ and is capable of 1080p resolution. Philip McKinney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of H-P’s Personal Systems Group, showed […]

Intel’s Double-HD MultiTouch Wall at CES

In Intel’s booth at CES, you can see two giant double-HD screens showing a realtime visualization of web news stories. The entire setup is apparently powered by a single i7 processor, and it’s easy to see how you could shrink an application like this down for use on oh, say, a tablet of some sort. […]

UTSA receives grant for high-tech visualization wall

Another week, another high resolution display wall.  This time at the University of Texas at San Antonio, using a $482,600 grant from the NSF, they will compile twenty-four 30″ monitors into a 15-foot wide by 4.5 foot tall “VisWall”, and drive it with a cluster of Linux workstations. “(The Vis-Wall) can greatly enhance our ability […]

Ring°Wall: World Largest Multi-Touch and Multi-User Wall

A new installation at the famous racetrack Nurburgring in Nurburg, Germany consists of a LED media facade over a multitouch information wall covering 425 square meters, equivalent to 6,000 displays.  It’s only 34-million pixels (surprisingly low for such a physically large display), generated by 15 projectors and supports multitouch from up to 80 simultaneous users. […]

Cyber-Commons Visualization Lab Opens at UIC

The University of Illinois at Chicago is moving the classic laboratory visualization system out of the back-rooms and into the mainstream with their new Cyber-commons high-tech classroom. “In the past, these high-performance environments have been hidden away in research labs and used exclusively by researchers,” said EVL director Jason Leigh. “This cyber-commons opens up the […]