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RealFlow’s Siggraph 2011 Showreel

RealFlow has a great SIGGRAPH Demo Reel up on YouTube, showing some of the great work they’ve done for TV, Movies, and commercials over the last year or so.  You’ll recognize lots of soft drink commercials, body wash commercials, and a few big movie and video game scenes.  Check it out above. Update 9/2: Seems […]

Radeon™ HD 6900 Series Graphics Real-Time Demo

To demonstrate the raw power of the new AMD Radeon 6900 series  video cards, AMD has a new Tech Demo that, at least from the description, seems to utilize every buzzword and fancy graphics trick of 2010. The HK-2207 real-time demo features a number of post processing effects (depth-of-field, lens flare, ghosting, aerial perspective/atmospheric, LUT, […]


NVIDIA Endless City: GTX 580 DX11 Tech-Demo

Those of you with Fermi-cards can head on over to NVidia’s site to download the new ‘Endless City’ DX11 Tessellation demo.  They demo’ed this at GTC a few weeks back and it really is amazing to see how far they can push the tessellation in the new hardware. Let the machines take over! Our Endless […]

Hierarchical-Z map based occlusion culling

Rastergrid is back with more details for their OpenGL4.0 Mountains demo, this time time they update the occlusion culling algorithm to utilitize the Hierarchical-Z buffer technology in new OpenGL4.0 spec. Occlusion culling is a visibility determination algorithm that is used to identify those objects that did reside in the view volume but still aren’t visible […]

Autodesk Show Reel 2010

With the 2011 applications on the horizon, Autodesk has released their public 2010 Show Reel. This Autodesk Show Reel illustrates the company’s leadership in 2D and 3D design technology by showcasing incredible customer work in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, automotive, and media and entertainment. Enjoy!

Intel’s Visual Computing Demo: TickerTape

Intel has a new “Visual Computing” demo online called ‘TickerTape’, which makes use of DirectX10 and the new Intel Core i7 processor capabilities. Ticker Tape is a tech demo that showcases complex particle movement using aerodynamic calculations such as lift and drag. This is all done at high framerates by utilizing an n-way threaded framework […]


NVIDIA GF100 Demo Videos – Fluids & Hair

A pair of impressive demonstrations running on the NVidia GF100 show some neat CUDA simulations running with the new and improved hardware. First is a Fluid Splashing Demo: Then a Real-Time hair demo:

NVIDIA GF100 (Fermi) SuperSonic Sled Demo

I missed this when it was originally published earlier this week, but Guru3D has video and information on a new demo that NVidia is showing off with their Fermi based products: the SuperSonic Sled. Personally I feel that SuperSonic Rocket Sled is the best demo NVIDIA has ever made. We've seen and done all the […]

ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series Graphics Real-Time Demos

AMD’s Developer Central has been updated with a pair of new demos showcasing some of what’s possible in DirectX11 with the new Radeon HD5800 cards.  First is the “Mecha Demo”: The Mecha demo shows the results of a new approach to rendering semi-transparent objects without pre-sorting, known as order-independent transparency (OIT). It is made possible […]

Maxwell Render Demo Version now Available

Maxwell has released a free trial-version of their Maxwell Renderer for you to “try before you buy”.  The demo version has a 30 day time limit, and a few other necessary restrictions: Watermarked render Maximum render size of 800 x 600 pixels Network rendering disabled * Preview Rendering in viewport in Maxwell Studio disabled A […]

TecPlot 360 2009 R2 Sneak Peek Webinar

TecPlot held a special webinar yesterday where they demonstrated some of the new features in the upcoming 360 2009 R2. Tecplot 360 2009 R2 Sneak Peek Webinar. Slated for release later this month, the latest upgrade to Tecplot 360 2009 will allow you to handle bigger datasets in less time than ever before. When benchmarked […]

40 Most beautiful and creative motion reels

The “demo reel” is a longstanding traditional resume-replacement in the video and motion graphics space, showcasing your talents and capabilities far better than any single-page resume can do.  Designrfix has compiled a great list of 40 fantastic reels guaranteed to inspire you. The use of demo reels is one of the best ways for a […]