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Jess Bachman Interview on Making of Death & Taxes 2011

Cool Infographics interviews Jess Bachman, owner of and creator of the popular Death & Taxes posters, and they discuss some of the creation of this popular poster. Cool Infographics: What software applications do you use for the Death & Taxes posters? Jess Bachman: The only applications I use are Photoshop and Excel. Excel is […]

Death & Taxes: 2011 RELEASED!

Jess Bachman is back with the new “Death & Taxes: 2011” poster, and he’s packed even more information into the amazing poster. There are some cool new features of this years poster too. Last year I had to use dual percentages to represent all the stimulus spending craziness that went on. Well this year that […]

Death and Taxes 2010 Poster Released

Jess Bachman’s Death & Taxes posters are an annual favorite, and he’s just now introduced the 2010 edition. I must say I was very excited to get this project finished because it wasn’t just the same old Bush administration budget this year. This is Obama’s first official budget. This is his plan for the future, […]