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Graphicacy is running their 2015 sports-centric data visualization contest

Enter the Major League Data Challenge data visualization contest

Graphicacy will be accepting contest submissions until November 2, 2015. Graphicacy, a creative analytic design firm in Washington, DC, is sponsoring the 2015 Major League Data Challenge, a data visualization contest. This is the first in a series of contests organized by Graphicacy to encourage data visualizations that help users better understand key topics in […]
Celebrities you forgot are felons INFOGRAPHIC

16 Celebrities You Forgot Were Felons (Infographics)

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Natalie Morin Celebrities are regarded as many people’s role models—people they look up and aspire to. With all that notoriety, they have the power to create change, to speak for those who don’t have the clout and to shed light on issues that really matter. Some celebrities live up […]

What is the internet thinking about? (INFOGRAPHIC)

What in the world is the internet thinking about? (INFOGRAPHIC)

“What in the world are you thinking about?” Ask no further, annavital has done a visual summary (is it a mandala?) looking at backlinks, searches and other methods that expose the curious group-crowd-cloud mind of the internet. The graphic does a nice job of prioritizing content, and a human head is, after all said and […]
The Cost of Connectivity 2014

Who’s the fastest in any land? DataViz of 2500 Internet offerings across the world (INFOGRAPHIC)

Who doesn’t want fast internet speeds? This table and interactive data visualization has been created by, as part of their Cost of Connectivity 2014 data visualizations. Read and share the info below. You might want to move to Amsterdam if you’re really hoping to stream House of Cards with no buffering. Data from […]

DataHero launches Google Analytics Integration to create data visualizations

DataHero, a self-service cloud data visualization tool, today announced the launch of its Google Analytics integration. More than half of all businesses use Google Analytics on a daily basis and understand the limitations of having to export to Excel or write complex scripts to get what they need out of their data. DataHero already offers […]
Online Sales Prediction (Graphic: Business Wire)

Adobe releases its 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping Forecast with video graphic summary

Adobe has released its 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping Forecast for this year’s holiday season, with a visual summary in video form and highlights in the graphs below. Adobe data predicts online prices will hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving Day, lower than any other day during the holiday season. Record sales of $1.35 billion are […]

Second Languages around the world Infographic

Second Languages around the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

Movehub published this infographic showing second languages, with the citation of the data source from wikipedia. They accompany the infographic with the following text commentary: This map shows the second most common first language in (nearly) every country in the world. These are people who speak it as a first language, we decided this was […]
Ebola Treatement Units in Liberia, one of the documents created by the NGA for open distribution to fight Ebola.

NGA creates unclassified website to support Ebola relief efforts

To help combat the spread of the Ebola virus disease, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is providing unprecedented online access to its unclassified geospatial intelligence products to lead federal agencies and their partners through a public-facing website dedicated to the crisis. Access was released last week, and since then the GSA has added additional content, primarily […]

Smartsheet visualization

Smartsheet Launches Work Visualization for Enterprises (DATAVIZ)

First comprehensive data visualization sheds valuable insights into how work actually gets done in organizations by showcasing processes, content assets, and people involved. Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-inspired collaborative work management tool, today unveiled a new way to visualize work and the various people contributing to it in Smartsheet. By breaking down the traditional organizational chart view […]
Storytelling is nothing but Data with a Soul

“Storytelling is nothing but Data with a Soul,” from the Data Visualization Summit 2014

This past week I spent two days in Boston at The Innovation Enterprise’s joint summits, The Data Visualization Summit and the Big Data Innovation Summit. Although there should be a natural fit between the two, and the plenary sessions were held only a floor apart, I didn’t see as much blending between the participants as […]

Map of Goods Confiscated from the Italian Mafia

Data Journalism: Behind the dataviz of Goods Confiscated from the Italian Mafia

Andrea Nelson Mauro, a data journalist writing for, has taken to heart the call for living up to best practices as a data journalist. He explains how he and his team went about creating the interactive data visualization below, which shows buildings and properties the Italian government has seized from the Mafia, region by […]

Blue Waters supercomputing project to offer graduate course on visualization in Spring 2015

The Blue Waters project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will offer a graduate course on High Performance Visualization for Large-Scale Scientific Data Analytics in Spring 2015. This semester-long online course will provide students with free access to Blue Waters, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Blue Waters performs quadrillions of calculations every […]