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OpenCV gets GPU Accelerated with CUDA

by Randall Handon September 23, 2010
OpenCV is a well known computer vision library, used in fields like autonomous vehicles and industrial robotics.  NVidia has announced today that the next version, coming out in Spring 2011, will have a nice 5x-10x performance bump thanks to upcoming CUDA integration.  This has huge advantages for fields like autonomous vehicles. “My research lab uses […]

At #GTC2010: GPUs in Oil & Gas offer a 5x Boost

by Randall Handon September 23, 2010
Many people don’t realize just how much data goes into finding the next big oil field.  They spend millions scouring the globe and running seismic surveys to find what’s under our feet, and then spend days, weeks, even months to analyze the surveys to find something useful.  Take this example: For example, the average ship […]


PGI to Demonstrate New CUDA C Compiler at SC10

by Randall Handon September 22, 2010
A bit more information on the upcoming PGI CUDA x86 C compiler is over at GPU Science, including some important details like: It’s a C compiler, to complement their existing CUDA Fortran offerings. Works with AMD and Intel CPUs Utilizes SIMD streaming capabilities And does it all at run-time, meaning a single universal binary can […]

NVidia announces CUDA-x86

by Randall Handon September 21, 2010
Breaking News: On stage at the GTC2010 Keynote, NVidia announced that they are working with PGI, the Portland Group, to develop a new compiler CUDA-x86.  If you don’t have a GPU cluster handy, you can run your CUDA code directly on the CPU for testing and debugging, and even deploy it to users who don’t […]

Industrial Light and Magic & NVIDIA Quadro

by Paul Adamson September 21, 2010
Richard Kerris, CTO, ILM, discusses how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs enabled the creation of breakthrough visual effects. Hear how the ILM creative team was able to create life-like simulations of fire for blockbuster movies, including Harry Potter and the Last Air Bender.


Tech-X Corporation Releases GPULib v1.4

by Randall Handon September 15, 2010
Tech-X has just rev’ed their GPULib product to version 1.4 and added CUDA 3.1 support, as well as new IDLv8 and MATLAB features. GPULib v1.4 supports CUDA streams, enabling concurrent execution of multiple kernels. The product also supports asynchronous data transfer. GPULib now leverages new features of IDL v8.0 enabling more seamless integration between the […]

NVidia Releases CUDA3.2, NSight 1.5

by Randall Handon September 14, 2010
NVidia has today released the newest version of their popular CUDA Toolkit, version 3.2, that boasts all around performance improvements and several new features.   The new version includes a new Sparse Matrix library ‘CUSPARSE’ to offset the command CUBLAS and CULAPACK libraries that excel at dense matrices.  Also, they have a new GPU-accelerated random-number library […]


Resource Of The Week 9/1/10: CUDA By Example

by Randall Handon September 1, 2010
This week’s recommended resource is for anyone gearing up for NVidia’s GPU Technology Conference at the end of this month, and comes straight from two senior developers in the CUDA software platform team, the recently released CUDA By Example. CUDA by Example, written by two senior members of the CUDA software platform team, shows programmers […]

High performance GPU radix sorting in CUDA

by Randall Handon August 30, 2010
Google Code is hosting a project from the University of Virginia that claims to be the fastest ever sorting algorithm, taking advantage of GPU’s. This project implements a very fast, efficient radix sorting method for CUDA-capable devices. For sorting large sequences of fixed-length keys (and values), we believe our sorting primitive to be the fastest […]