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2009 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

The 2009 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, from the NSF and Science is underway,  and information is available on their website with the details.  Entries must be in by September 15th, and winners to be published in the February 19th, 2010 issue of Science.  Awards are given in five categories: One first place award […]

The OOMPH Design Challenge

The AMD FirePro team is putting out a call to CG designers and animators to enter the OOMPH Design Challenge. The challenge is to create an animated and/or static render depicting a sumo wrestler. Entries must be submitted by July 29, 2009. The top 5 judges’ picks in each category will be showcased in the […]

Aniboom partners with History Channel for The People Speak

The History Channel and Aniboom have partnered to create a contest to animate some of the greatest speeches in history, spoken by some of the greatest voices in Hollywood.  Download a recording of Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, and others reciting some of the most famous speeches of all time. To enter, you animate […]

Complete list of SciDAC’s OASCR Winners

I contacted my friends in the Department of Energy (organizers of the SciDAC Conference) and got a complete list of winners at the SciDAC Visualization Night. The winners: The Big One, a simulated 7.8 earthquake in Southern California, produced by Amit Chourasia, Kim Olsen, Steven Day, Luis Dalguer, Yifeng Cui, Jing Zhu, David Okaya, Phil […]

SciDAC OASCR Award Winners

Following on the news of Argonne’s victory at SciDAC, the HPCMP DAAC (High Performance Computing Modernization Program, Data Analysis and Assessment Center) also won 2 OASCR’s: Five Years of Breaking Waves Impact of a fragment on 6-layers of Kevlar You can see these visualizations and many more at the DAAC Visualization Gallery.The DAAC is known […]

Argonne Recognized During Visual Celebration

At the recent SciDAC conference in San Diego, 10 videos won awards at the Electronic Visualization and Poster Night.  One of those awards went to Argonne for their “Turbulent Flow of Coolant in an Advanced Nuclear Reactor”. Both the visualizations and the computer runs for the winning entries were done at the Argonne Leadership Computing […]

Total Immersion Unveils First Augmented Reality Slot Machine, Created for Nike 6.0

At the Nike 6.0 BMX Open Tour, in Chicago today and tomorrow, Total Immersion will be showing a fun Augmented Reality game based on scratch-off cards. Every visitor to the Nike tent will receive a scratch-off card, offering a chance to win a pair of Nike 6.0 shoes and additional prizes – all based on […]

SIGGRAPH 2009’s GameJam Competition, and a Registration Reminder

In New Orleans this year, SIGGRAPH will be hosting the first annual GameJam! Competition.  It’s a 24-hour competition to create graphics for computer games, with various challenges and mini-competitions along the way. During GameJam! participants will take part in mini-competitions to compete for assets like texture, or ten minutes of internet time. What participants will […]

Vue 3D Environment Competition 2009

the 4th annual Vue 3D Environment competition is underway, with winners to be announced at SIGGRAPH2009 and receive $6500 worth of top-end animation software.

Win $500 for drawing on your iPhone

A $500 cash prize is yours for using a Pogo Stylus to draw the most impressive picture on your iPhone, no fingers need apply!

Black Hole Simulation Wins SCALE 2009 Challenge

Researchers at LSU ran an interactive black-hole simulation and visualization on TACC's Ranger to win the SCALE2009 challenge.

SIGGRAPH 2009 CAF Nominees Announced

The nominees for the SIGGRAPH2009 Computer Animation Festival have been named, and CGSociety has the whole list.  Of the 770 submissions, 140 have been selected to show at SIGGRAPH, and the winners will be named at SIGGRAPH. “We were thrilled with level of quality and technical expertise that was prevalent throughout the hundreds of submissions,” […]