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How Infographics Are Changing Congress

Over at FastCompany, they have an interview with Jonathan Schwabish of the Congress Budget Office on their new push toward the use of Infographics to educate congressional staff. Before attending a one-day Edward Tufte course a few years back, Schwabish had no background in visual communication. But that one seminar “opened his eyes” about the […]

IBM’s Many Bills: Unlock Legislative Dealings

IBM has come out with a new interactive visualization tool aimed at peeling back the many layers of bureaucracy in congress.  The new “Many Bills” systems lets you track bills as they make their way through the various committees and offices, each step along the way changing just a little bit, before becoming the bills you know. […]

Congress Speaks Interactive Infographic

Periscopic has built a fun light-hearted website that analyzes all 14 million words of the 110th congress (2007-2008) and lets you pit individual congressmen against each other to see where they stand.  Interesting data contains word counts, frequent words, voting records, tenures, and more. Congress Speaks.