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The Making of Japan virtual character AKB48′s idol “Aimi Eguchi”

by Randall Handon November 28, 2011
This actually broke over the summer but apparently I never covered it here.  Over in Japan there was a huge splash over a new TV star named “Aimi Eguchi”, appearing in a few commercials and TV ads.  Later, it was found that the girl was actually a CG-construction, a composite of the faces of the […]

Hatsune Miku and The 2011 Toyota Corolla

by Randall Handon May 11, 2011
We’ve mentioned Hatsune Miku before, the virtual pop star taking Japan by storm.  Now she’s moved to the next level through corporate sponsorship and a television commercial for the new Toyota Corolla. Watch Hatsune Miku as she steps out of her new 2011 Toyota Corolla and then steps onto the stage. With big dreams in […]


The new Lexus CT200h, brought by Dan Abrams

by Randall Handon March 4, 2011
The newest ads for the Lexus CT200h premium hybrid show the car driving through unbelievable terrains that can only exist in the world of CG.  However, you may not know that the ads are created through the use of some new software created by Dan Abrams. Lexus is announcing a new series of ads for […]

Framestore and Amalgamated on the Carmax Ads

by Randall Handon March 4, 2011
A new spot for Carmax showcases the work of Framestore and Amalgamated, working under direction from Tom Kuntz to  combine live action, CG, and digital matte paintings into some clever spots. For “Kid in a Candy Store” Framestore uses digital matte paintings and augmentation of live action plates to show what a geek, a mermaid, […]

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Brand New’s Honda CR-V Superbowl Spot

by Randall Handon February 4, 2011
The new ad for the Honda CR-V will debut during this weekend’s SuperBowl XLV, showing the work of “Brand New School” in dealing with some fun compositing work. On location, the BNS team used the ARRI Alexa digital camera system to capture HD source footage.  Also, a crane car called The Edge System from Performance […]


Framestore NY launches the Coors Aluminum Pint

by Randall Handon October 13, 2010
A new commercial for Coors new Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint required a lot of special attention from Framestore NY to recreate the NASA shuttle-launch environment for the new product. The launch sequence begins, the vfx-created ice cubes tumble down to commence the final cooling and the silver pint Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint is cleared for […]

MPC’s Head Turner : Drench

by Randall Handon October 11, 2010
MPC was involved in the latest Drench commercial that showed a man with the unfortunate affliction of a rubik’s cube style head, trying to drink his favorite beverage while correcting his head.  The work was a combination of compositing and motion tracking, a good mix of both physical and CG space. The moves for the […]


Imaginary Forces & Sway bring the Scion to 3D TV

by Randall Handon September 29, 2010
Scion tC “Take On the Machine” from ATTIK on Vimeo. A new television spot for the Scion launch pulled Imaginary Forces together with SWAY Studio to create a fun 3D and 2D spot for televisions, cinemas, and billboards.  You can visit the “Take On The Machine” website, or see the video online.  The project entailed […]

New Sony Ad aims to Annoy Viewers into Upgrades

by Randall Handon September 23, 2010
Sony has a new ad hitting Europe television viewers right now, showcasing the joy of watching Soccer in 3D.  It shows Brazilian star Kaká as he traverses the feed, building speed and strength, before kicking a goal so powerful the goal explodes.  It’s cliche, and kinda fun to watch, but is the beginning of something […]