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Cognitive Scale

Cognitive Scale Emerges from Stealth with the first Technology Independent Cognitive Cloud Platform

After 18 months focused on product and technology development, Cognitive Scale has emerged from stealth with the industry’s first technology independent cognitive cloud platform, four vertical industry applications, new customers, partnerships with technology titans, and 22 patents filed. The company is on track to close 2014 with multi-million dollars in revenue resulting from several high-value customer […]

OpenDNS Open Sources 3D Security Visualization Engine for Big Data (Dataviz)

OpenGraphiti Enables Security Researchers to Easily Analyze Massive Amounts of Data to Detect Patterns and Uncover Threats OpenDNS, a leading provider of cloud-delivered security, has released OpenGraphiti, an interactive open source data visualization engine. OpenGraphiti enables security analysts, researchers and data scientists to pair visualization and Big Data to create 3D representations of threats. Much […]

Brightcove zencoder cloud-based encoding

Brightcove collaborates with Rovi offering HEVC in Zencoder cloud encoding to support Ultra HD and 4K

Brightcove  a leading global provider of cloud services for video, and Rovi Corporation, announced on January 7, 2014 a collaboration designed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation video compression standards. Through the agreement, Brightcove has licensed the DivX High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) solution, which is critical for streaming high-quality video and will be a driving […]

What Photoshop’s Move to the Cloud Actually Means for You

If, like many people, you were dumbstruck to hear Adobe’s announcement that Creative Suite is dead and Long Live Creative Cloud, Lifehacker has a good job breaking down the salient points.  Perhaps the biggest one is this: The desktop applications do not live in the cloud. You install them like you’ve always installed them. That […]

Render Rocket Launches Mission Control 3.0 at SIGGRAPH 2011

Render Rocket, purveyor of a nice cloud-based rendering service with an impressive web-based control panel, is releasing the newest version of their product Mission Control at SIGGRAPH2011 next week.  But that’s not all, they’ve seen such high demand for their services that they’ve boosted their cloud power, adding more capabilities and dropping rendertimes even lower. […]
Intel Cloud Ray Trace Knights Ferry

Cloud-based Ray Tracing Using Intel’s Knights Ferry

Intel has posted an article on using the Cloud to perform ray tracing in games. Normally, I am not a fan of the term Cloud, because of its overuse and hype. However, in this case, I will make an exception because it uses Intel’s Knights Ferry. What is Knight’s Ferry? Remember Larrabee? Larrabee was the […]


Hollywood’s Render Farms Move to the Cloud

Like so many other industries, Hollywood studies have begun to turn to “the cloud” to solve their computational problems.  That magical, mystical place where thousands of cores wait to do your bidding, and you don’t have to worry at all about the maintenance or upkeep of them.  A short piece at DataCenterKnowledge talks about some […]

The Coming Graphics in the Cloud Revolution

Mike Vizard has a piece in CTOEdge that shows just how easily you can miss the mark on a press release.  He starts off with the recent comments from NVidia’s Sumit Gupta about NVidia making a play for HPC with new Tesla and Project Denver designs. What’s about to change, however, is that access to […]


Rising Sun Pictures takes Harry Potter to The Cloud

HPC provider ‘Steam Engine’ has been making waves recently, with only 3 months under its belt, and most impressively they’ve even managed to rope in some big clients like Rising Sun Pictures who used their resources for the new Harry Potter film.  Of course, paramount when talking about ‘cloud computing’ is security. “We obviously have […]

Viz in the Cloud vs Batch in the Cloud

At the recent HPC360 event, several people showed up talking about using “cloud resources” for HPC research.  Running big sim codes in the cloud isn’t a problem, in fact it’s not much different from how it’s done now.  The real sticky point is then doing the analysis and visualization with data in the cloud and […]


DreamWorks signs cloud computing deal

DreamWorks Animation has just signed a deal with Cerelink to ‘rent’ their cloud computing facilities for use in rendering upcoming projects.  It’s an interesting solution, forgoing the usual kinds of security and access restrictions that Hollywood studios typically require for upcoming films for the lower-cost and elastic nature of cloud computing resources.  So what is […]

felixrender – Render Farm in the Cloud

Felix, a renderer developed in partnership with Next Limit technologies (creaors of the Maxwell Renderer), aims to bring renderfarm power to everyone via the Cloud.  Similar in concept to vSwarm, you buy “credits” and then submit your job to be rendered on 40 to 160 cores in the cloud. Unfortunately, it currently does not support […]