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3D printer growth from CEA

Three Quarters of 3D Printer Owners Report High Daily and Weekly Usage, Finds New CEA Study

3D printers expected to bring in $76 million in U.S. revenue this year According to a study released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the organization that runs the popular annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,  three quarters of 3D printer owners (76 percent) report using their 3D printers daily or several times […]

Video Goodies from International CES 2014 (VIDEO)

Along with the many 4K cameras, camcorders, and other usual suspects at CES 2014 I noticed four items that could be interesting additions to the videographer/transmedia storyteller’s arsenal, especially if portability in the field is something to be desired. This video report covers four items (out of hundreds, I must confess), all which could add […]

From CES 2014: Untethered Wacom pressure sensitive graphic tablets allow creativity on the go

Wacom came to International CES 2014 without making a major new project announcement, but with enough floor space to keep at least a half-dozen people busy at a time. It was a pretty quiet area, compared with the gaming and automotive sections, as there were people concentrating mostly on being creative using Wacom’s pressure sensitive […]
Brightcove zencoder cloud-based encoding

Brightcove collaborates with Rovi offering HEVC in Zencoder cloud encoding to support Ultra HD and 4K

Brightcove  a leading global provider of cloud services for video, and Rovi Corporation, announced on January 7, 2014 a collaboration designed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation video compression standards. Through the agreement, Brightcove has licensed the DivX High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) solution, which is critical for streaming high-quality video and will be a driving […]


Worried about Passive 3DTV Resolution?

I’ve long wondered when a TV provider would come out with a TV that offered double vertical resolution on a Passive 3D TV, allowing 1080 lines of resolution in each eye (right now most Passive 3D TV’s have to cut your resolution in half, turning a 1080-line screen into 540 for each eye).  LG has […]
22813_large_LG UDTV

LG to Reveal 3D UD TV at CES 2012

Next month is CES so the press releases of exotic hardware that will probably never actually come to consumers is in full-swing.  LG is first out of the gate with the announcement of their huge new 84-inch “Ultra Definition” TV capable of 3840×2160 and 3D viewing. “LG is pushing the limits of home entertainment innovation with this […]


3D without Glasses: Holograms from HoloAD

Taiwan’s Innovision was at CES demonstrating their HoloAD technology which is 3D the way it’s meant to be done, projected via a hologram for 180-degrees of viewing. As is the case with all 3D tech, HoloADs work by fooling the brain into thinking it’s seeing something that doesn’t really exist. HoloAD displays work by using […]

MSI’s three new Concept PC’s

Another release from CES, MSI was on-hand demonstrating three new concept PC’s that show some interesting combinations of technology for gaming or home media.  The first is an “All-In-One” 3D PC, similar to an iMac (completely integrated monitor, PC, everything) but with a 3D display that uses wireless glasses.  The second is a similar design, […]


Engadget Hands-On with RED Scarlet and Bomb EVF

One surprise at CES comes from EnGadget, who got some hands-on time with the coveted RED Scarlet and Bomb, and have pics and video to prove it. Ted Schilowitz from RED popped in with a RED Scarlet and the Bomb EVF for a quick hands-on! Our video producer Chad Mumm basically attacked him, as did […]

NVIDIA 3D Surround Multi-display Gaming

[H]ard|OCP has an editorial today with some information about Nvidia’s 3D Surround multi-display gaming setup at CES. Nvidia has its 3D Surround technology running on a pair of 285 GTX graphics cards in the lobby. This is being displayed on three projectors at 720P and is using VGA connectors. In the booth, they have a […]


Vuzix’s new Augmented Reality Glasses

Another CES announcement, this time fro Vuzix, announces a new Stereo Augmented Reality headset that fits into a slim sunglasses form factor. The stereo camera pair delivers a single 1504 x 480 side-by-side image that can be viewed in 3D stereoscopic video, while the video eyewear provides an unprecedented 67-inch display as seen from 10 […]

Video of the NVidia Fermi GF100 In Games

Managed to find an interesting video showing, very briefly, the capabilities of the NVidia GF100 in DirectX11 via Unengine.  While the site is in Italian, the translation reads: We managed to track exclusively for you from a Chinese website on the first video of the new series of graphics cards Nvidia Without dealing with the […]