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VIS Tutorials and the Industry and Government Experiences Track

Robert Kosara reminds us that the IEEE VIS deadline for tutorials is coming up soon, and they’re still looking for reviewers.  In addition, the new “Industry and Government Experience” track looks particularly interesting. Posters should present case studies of success, failure, experimentation, design, development, methodology, best practice lessons and other topics relevant to a commercial […]

Case Study: Tecplot 360 & Ship Air Wake Database

Tecplot has a great case-study from Continuum Dynamics about their use of Tecplot360 to create a ship air-wake database to be used in helping Helicopters landing on ships.  Using TecPlot not only for its CFD capabilities but it’s visualization support as well, they have a few great paragraphs towards the bottom about their analysis procedures. […]


NVidia Quadro Case Study: Tiger Hare & V-Ray RT

A new case study from Nvidia reveals the impact of adding a few NVidia Quadro’s to the rendering pipeline of Tigar Hare, creators of games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Project Gotham Racing”.  A long-time user of V-Ray, they used the new V-Ray RT technology and Quadro Fermi GPU’s to take their renders […]

Breaking Barriers With 3D Technology

Manufacturing Business Technology has an article up from the VP of Dassault Systems Patrick Michel, who discusses the advantages of using modern 3D equipment and software in the manufacturing process.  He discusses one particularly interesting situation of a recent aircraft manufacturer that was asked to begin construction of an old 1960’s model aircraft, but found […]


Data Visualization Case Study: Operational Issues Visualization

Over at the “More Information per Pixel” blog, they go through a case study where they rebuilt a visualization used by a company for monitoring operational issues and reduced it from a complex 34-page pile of charts and graphs, into a single slick page of data. We receive many questions about “what is the best […]

Mr. X Inc. Case Study on Clouds in Amelia

Mr. X did many of the VFX shots in upcoming “Amelia”, a movie about famour female avaiator Amelia Earhart, and has published a new Case Study on their website about how they created the clouds used in many of the flying shots. The first step in the cloud shot pipeline was blocking. The previz team […]