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Cool Infographics Book Cover

Cool Infographics book now available

Randy Krum, who runs, has just had his book, Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design published by Wiley. With over 100 examples from infographic designers around the world, he covers the “how-tos” of Infographics that starts from information discovery and creating the story to spreading the word through smart SEO techniques. The Amazon […]

OpenGL SuperBible 6th Edition Now Available

The new edition of the OpenGL SUperBible is out and available for purchase from sites like Amazon ($40 for Prime Members), and finally brings the popular text up to OpenGL 4.0, all the way to 4.3. This edition of the book is a pretty thorough overhaul of the previous edition. Most of the samples have been […]


The History of Visual Magic in Computers

Jon Peddie’s new book, “The History of Visual Magic in Computers”, chronicles the history of CAD and computer graphics from the cold way to today. Written as a narrative with plenty of references, the 448 page book covers such famous companies as SGI and Apple, down to now-vanquished giants like DEC and Alpha. Written in […]

At FlowingData, Comment to win a signed copy of Data Points

Over at FlowingData, Nathan Yau is running a simple contest to give away a signed copy of his book “Data Points“. It’s hard to believe Data Points hit the shelves two months ago. (Thank you to everyone who got a copy!) It still feels brand new in my head. I kind of thought that time […]


Robert Kosara’s review of Visualize This and Visual Complexity

Robert Kosara has just finished a pair of reviews for Manuel Lima’s Visual Complexity and Nathan Yau’s  Visualize This for Science.  He doesn’t pull any punches, showing the pros and cons of each, along with information on how he came to do the review. I’m really conflicted about Visual Complexity. While it is a beautiful book […]

VFX Gift Idea – Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation

Still looking for a gift for the VFX person in your life?  Check out this amazing new book available on Amazon (order today for 1-day delivery by tomorrow) chronicling the story of ILM from their early roots to more modern pursuits. Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation is the first and only book […]


Visual Loop Book Review: Visual Complexity, by Manuel Lima

If you’ve been hear lots about Manuel Lima’s “Visual Complexity” text but don’t think you’re visualization-savvy enough to really get anything form it, then be sure to check out frequent VizWorld contributor Tiago Veloso’s review of the text. Because, let’s face it, to write about a book from someone considered to be the next Edward […]

Visualize This: Published

Nathan Yau’s new book “Visualize This” is now published and for-sale at multiple outlets! Right now, at this very moment, I have an actual physical book on my desk, with my name on it, that says Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics. It’s a great feeling. Thank you again to all […]

Chapter4.1-Output-300x234 Chapter 4: Entering the Third Dimension

The next chapter of the is now online, focusing on rendering and geometry in 3-dimensions with OpenGL. If you’re learning OpenGL, it’s very likely you’re doing so to learn how to render three-dimensional data. In this chapter, we’ll be placing our very first step in the world of three-dimensional computer graphics. We’ll learn: The […]

OpenGL Insights Looking for Authors

If you know OpenGL and you’ve always wanted to see your name listed as an “Author”, then consider heading on over to the OpenGL Insights page where they’re looking for Authors for a wide range of subjects. It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to contribute to OpenGL Insights, a book containing original articles […]


Resource of The Week: BBC VFX

From Monty Python to Doctor Who, some of televisions most iconic shows and visual effects came from the BBC VFX department, sadly closed in 2003.  In this book from Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker, we see behind the scenes and the stories of some of these iconic scenes, made before the rise of CGI. The […]

GPU Computing Gems

General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) is very popular right now, and NVIDIA has the lead in this arena with their Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). While in the future, it looks like people will be moving from CUDA, which is proprietary to NVIDIA, to OpenCL, which should be available from a variety of […]