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Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Support Coming to PlayStation 3 Next Week

Sony recently announced at the Tokyo Game Show, and on its PlayStation Blog, that 3-D Blu-Ray support will be coming next week with its latest software update, which is version 3.5. This update is due to be released on September 21. This new feature expands the PS3’s 3D capabilities – as you may recall, we […]

Disney, Sony team on 3D, Blu-ray marketing

First Panasonic gets the exclusive rights to bundle Avatar with their big-budget Plasma Viera televisions, now Disney and Sony team up to make Bolt & Alice in Wonderland exclusive to Sony Bravia sets. U.S. consumers buying select Sony Bravia 3D TVs will get their choice of bundled 3D Blu-rays of the two Disney titles. Similar […]


The Principles Of 3D Video And Blu-ray 3D

Toms Hardware has an excellent multi-page writeup on Stereoscopic video and encoding technology, focusing heavily on the BluRay 3D specification.  They get into the details of the creation of content, encoding, decoding, display, and various psychological effects.  They include several details like this: Because they block alternate pixels, rows, or frames of video from each […]

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Out on BluRay Today

That’s right, Joss Whedon’s hilarious and entertaining web series is now out on BluRay, showing the epic struggle of Dr Horrible against Captain Hammer, and poor Felicia Day stuck in the middle.  If you already own it on or DVD, here’s why you might want to consider it: Even if you’ve already watched or downloaded […]


Blu-ray 3D On The PC

Right now, there is one and only one 3-D Bluray movie, and that is Monsters vs Aliens 3D. Right now, there is one and only one way to view the only 3-D Bluray movie in 1080p, and that is Nvidia’s 3D Vision solution. However, Nvidia will soon be releasing its R256 graphics drivers. On certain […]
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Huron River 2011 Platform supports 3D Blu-ray

The Huron River platform is the seventh-generation Centrino platform. The mobile processor associated with the Huron River platform is a Sandy Bridge CPU. The Sandy Bridge codename refers to a CPU that is the planned successor to Nehalem. In addition to the Sandy Bridge CPU, the Huron River platform will include a new version of […]


Playing Blu-ray Movies on a 120Hz 3D-ready LCD Monitor

Yesterday I was in a debate with a fellow over when we would have 3-D Blu-Ray available at work to watch movies on. I reminded him that there is only one movie currently available for 3-D Blu-Ray. Without any content, there is nothing to watch. That did not satisfy him at all. Randall told him […]

Sony CEO Plans to Focus on 3-D TV

Howard Stringer is the outsider CEO of Sony. While it is extremely unusual for a foreigner to become the CEO of a Japanese company, it has helped him to do things that no CEO of Sony has been able to do so far. He has laid off tens of thousands of Sony employees since 2008. […]


Samsung 3D LED HDTV’s & Glasses Now Available

Now may be the time to “buy in” if you’ve been waiting to join the 3D Home TV market, as a new promotion from Amazon & Samsung could get you a brand new 3D HDTV, BluRay Player, and two pairs of the 3D glasses at a pretty significant discount. Currently two TV’s are available for […]

‘Avatar’ Come to Homes on Earth Day

The announcement of James Cameron’s Avatar includes a not-so subtle continuation of the movie’s “be nice to nature” message in the form of the release date: April 22nd, Earth Day. The story of an ex-Marine who comes to befriend the indigenous population of a distant planet being mined of its natural resources by an aggressive […]