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Harry Potter BluRay in 3D

In a statement similar to Panasonic’s exclusive deal with Avatar on release, Sony has setup a deal with Harry Potter to be the exclusive source of the new “Harry Potter 3D Experience” pack, including Harry Potter #7 Part 1 in 3D. This exclusive “Harry Potter 3D Experience” will be available to consumers who purchase Sony’s […]

Accelcoder X BluRay Encoder in FREE Beta

Accelcoder has a new BluRay and BluRay 3D Encoder that’s near release and expected to retail for $1299, but while they put the finishing touches on it you can download and try it yourself for free! It’s got full standard compliant h264 support for 2D and 3D, and supports lots of input formats like AVI, […]


Tron Legacy on DVD & BluRay Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the official release date of the new Tron Legacy movie on DVD and BluRay.  It’s available in both 2D and 3D formats, and you can even get the original Tron! Available right now on Amazon, you can even get a great 5-disc pack containing DVD, BluRay, BluRay3D, and the […]

RealD, Toshiba Run ‘Carmen In 3D’ Promos

In what sounds like a pretty interesting use of 3D, RealD and the London Opera House have teamed up with Toshiba to package 3D BluRay releases of ‘Carmen in 3D’ with select TV’s, PC’s, and BluRay players.  Currently only viewable in RealD Theaters, the Play format is ideally suited for 3D work due to it’s […]


New BluRay players convert 2-D disks to 3-D

One of the problems with the whole 3-D fad that I mentioned in 2010 was the fact that there as a lack of 3-D content available. Specifically, there is a lack of 3-D movies. What good is a 3-D high definition television set if there is nothing to watch on it. Now, if there was […]

Panasonic ties up Avatar 3D Blu-ray until Feb 2012?

Fans of Pandora will find themselves browsing eBay in search of those fancy Avatar 3D BluRay discs, as new information says that the previously known Panasonic deal is actually an exclusive deal until February 2012. Panasonic has confirmed to me that it’s nabbed the exclusive global distribution rights to the blockbuster title until February 2012. […]


Avatar 3D Blu-ray Now Out with Panasonic TV’s

Looks like the earlier reports of Avatar exclusively on Panasonic Viera televisions was right, because you can run out right now and buy a nice Panasonic Viera 3D TV and get the ‘Panasonic 3D Ultimate Pack’ including the rare disk and 2 3D Glasses. If you’re hoping to score the 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar, […]

PlayStation 3D vs 3D Blu-ray player: Third-dimension face-off

Over the last two weeks we have told you about the new 3-D support that Sony was adding the to the PlayStation3. How well does it actually work? CNET UK has performed a comparison between a dedicated 3-D BluRay player, the Sony BDP-S570, and the Sony PlayStation3. CNET takes a look at the lack of […]

Playstation 3 update enables 3-D Blu-Ray support

We told you about this last week, but here is another reminder. Today, Sony released an update, version 3.5, for the Playstation 3 that enables 3-D Blu-Ray support. Not only do you get 3-D Blu-Ray support with this update, but you also get a few other new features as well. Additional new features in the […]

Warner Announces A 6 Blu-Ray 3D Titles This Year

Warner Brothers has announced 6 new 3D BluRay titles comeing out in November, but not a one of them is anything I think people have been waiting for.  The list: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Clash of the Titans The Polar Express IMAX Deep Sea 3D IMAX Under the Sea 3D IMAX […]


Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Support Coming to PlayStation 3 Next Week

Sony recently announced at the Tokyo Game Show, and on its PlayStation Blog, that 3-D Blu-Ray support will be coming next week with its latest software update, which is version 3.5. This update is due to be released on September 21. This new feature expands the PS3’s 3D capabilities – as you may recall, we […]

Disney, Sony team on 3D, Blu-ray marketing

First Panasonic gets the exclusive rights to bundle Avatar with their big-budget Plasma Viera televisions, now Disney and Sony team up to make Bolt & Alice in Wonderland exclusive to Sony Bravia sets. U.S. consumers buying select Sony Bravia 3D TVs will get their choice of bundled 3D Blu-rays of the two Disney titles. Similar […]