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Ice Age Short Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Now Online

To generate some buzz for the 4th Ice Age Movie “Continental Drift”, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios created a new short with everyone’s favorite little squirrel Scrat who remains in pursuit of that same acorn.  Shown first along with Gulliver’s Travels, it’s now online for all to view. See it embedded below. Ice […]

Ice Age 3 Lighting Comparison Reel

Just found this via some fellow Twitter-ites, it’s a video comparison of various stages of the REndering & Compositing of various Ice Age 3 scenes.  Compiled by Jeff Gabor of Blue Sky Studios, it shows the animators acting the scenes, two different stages of modeling and pre-rendering, and the final rendered scenes. View the video […]

Nuke Users Group Meeting at SIGGRAPH2009

The Foundry will be hosting a Nuke User’s Group at SIGGRAPH2009 on Monday August 3rd. Places are limited, so REGISTER NOW to reserve your space and see how VFX professionals from Laika, Digital Domain and Blue Sky Stuidos have been using Nuke.  In addition, The Foundry team will be taking you through new developments and […]

Blue Sky on Volumetric Effects in Ice Age 3

One short-lived character in Ice Age 3 is the “Mist Monster”, a hazy exaggerated memory of Buck’s arch-nemesis “Rudy”.  Blue Sky has done volumetric work in the past, but with a technique that quickly broke down.  For this new character they developed a new technique based on Maya. For this movie they took advantage of […]

Blue Sky Studios talks about Ice Age

In a new podcast series from Scientific American, they talk with the crew at Blue Sky Studios about their work on Ice Age. In this series of episodes, We talk to many of the scientists at Blue Sky Studios, which created the Ice Age series of animated features, including the recently released Ice Age: Dawn […]