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Your Job Could Be Worse: Pentagon IT Follows This Insane 193 Rule Chart

You trembled in front of the Afgan Counterinsurgency Strategy.. Then you cried for mercy from the US Government Acquisitions Process. Now, they’re back with the scariest one of all: The 193 step Pentagon IT Chart! Believe it or not, the chart was actually drawn up to help the Pentagon’s cyber security team make some sense […]

Pentagon’s Craziest Flow Chart Ever

A few months ago we spilled the beans about the damage PowerPoint has caused in the Afghanistan operations abroad, but now the Pentagon has let loose the true dogs of war: The Government Acquisitions Process. But that slide was child’s play compared to the three-foot wall chart the military uses to explain its gajillion-step process […]


The Web Is Dead! or Editorial Visualization

Wired, and others, has picked up on a chart in a recent Cisco report that shows various data uses from 1995 to 2010 as  a proportion of total traffic.  Then they notice the shrinking red area (Web usage), and proudly proclaim that the Web is Dying in the growth of “Apps” like on the iPhone. […]

BP’s Newest Disaster: Photoshop

As if the Oil Spill wasn’t bad enough, now BP has gone and shown us another level of ineptitude: Their complete lack of Photoshop skills.  A series of images has been released by various BP organizations purportedly showing just how hard they’re working on solving the Gulf Oil Crisis.  Sadly, the images are fabrications, and […]


Is This the Little Book of Shocking Infographics?

A couple of websites have picked up the news of an interesting little coffee table book called ‘The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts‘.  Those in the visualization & infographics communities have been shredding it as a perfect example of some of the worst infographics ever made. Pitched as the combination of “startling graphic imagery […]

BP Oil Collection – Is the Effort Really Improving?

BP is trying several different approaches to resolving the Gulf Oil Spill, and in a recent presentation by Senior VP Kent Wells, he showed the chart above to demonstrate how their efforts to collect the oil are improving every day.  Relying on the public’s perception of upward trendlines being “good”, Stephen Few wasn’t falling for […]


Infographic: Crude Awakening (Gulf Oil Spill)

An infographic from InfographicWorld contains a mind-boggling amount of information related to the Gulf Oil Spill.  Showing data as of yesterday (Thursday, May 13th), it starts with the basic “Location of Oil” graphs and “Predictions for the future” of the oil spill, but then continues to add in information on quotes from public officials and […]
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Bad Infographic: HotelChatter’s Annual Hotel WiFi Report 2010

HotelChatter has a great report of the State of WiFi at various hotels, showing that contrary to their expectations, several hotels have begun the switch to free WiFi in the rooms as a way to increase customer happiness and loyalty. The report is great, but they’ve created this “chart” to go with it visualizing the […]


Global recovery? The real dimension of external debt

I detest maps like this for one simple reason. They take something that is easy to understand, place it on a map, and then distort the map beyond reason. Where did Africa go? Where did China go? Is the size of the country related to the debt to GDP ratio? No, the size of the […]

Best Buy Offers Bogus 3D Sync Service: Updated

I hate it when my friends call me to fix the problems that Geek Squad created. I really hate it when stores offer bogus services like this. HD Guru tells the story like this: HD Guru called three Best Buy stores. After confirming each employee received training on 3D TVs and installation services, we asked […]


Bad Infographic: The Size of the Mobile Market

Cover your eyes and hide your children, this new infographic from iStrategy2009 attempts to show the various types of mobile media around the world and their penetrations.  The circles up top show various percentages like: The blue compares the percentage of SMS users vs IM and Email users The big red compares Mobile Phones worldwide […]

Robert Kosara’s March Chart Madness

Robert Kosara (@eagereyes) has a huge collection of horrendously bad infographics and charts from around the internet, including what he dubs ‘The Worst Pie Chart Ever’. Terrible charts seem to be in season. Rarely have I come across so many incredibly bad charts in such a short time: information graphics that don't actually depict data, […]