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Talking about Maya at iGEM

Professional animation tools like Mental Ray and various Autodesk products have been slowly making inroads into classic scientific visualization areas for the last several years, mostly due to their ability to add subtle realism details like refraction and diffuse light effects to renderings in ways not typically supported by scientific packages.  Autodesk took a trip […]

Double Negative and Maya in the Harry Potter Finale

Autodesk has a a nice case study online from Double Negative, discussing how they were able to use Autodesk Maya to create many of the effects in the Harry Potter franchise, focusing heavily on the latest and final chapter. “We had a Dragon Team and a Hogwarts Team,” says Vickery. “They were almost like 2 […]


Autodesk Design Visualization Show Reel 2011 Call for Submissions

Autodesk is now accepting entries into their 2011 Design Visualization Show Reel.  Pretty much anything along Autodesk’s design lines is eligible, and the winners get a pretty substantial bit of visibility in everything Autodesk. The show reel will be featured in all Autodesk University sessions from November 29 through December 1, 2011, and to the […]
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Recent Project Photofly YouTube videos from users

Autodesk’s Project Photofly is still going strong, and to prove it they’ve posted on their own blog a nice assortment of videos showing what users have done with it. One of the convenience features of the Photo Scene Editor, a small application that you use to work with the Project Photofly web service, is that […]

Autodesk Moldflow – Project Argon – It is Alive in the Lab

Autodesk rolled out a clever technology preview a while back called “Project Krypton” which brought early-stage design advice to plastic part designers, and integrated into Inventor, SolidWorks, and Pro/E.  It added lots of interesting features like manufacturability, cost efficiency, and environmental impact, but the preview ended March 25th. Well now it’s back on Autodesk’s Beta […]
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Autodesk Labs Utilities Project Vasari 2.1

Autodesk Labs has just rolled out the latest version of their “Project Vasari” system, offering BIM simulation capabilities to their Revit product. Project Vasari is focused on conceptual building design using both geometric and parametric modeling. It supports performance-based design via integrated energy modeling and analysis features. This new technology preview is now available as […]


Autodesk Acquires Numenus Ray Tracing Technology

Another week, another surprising Autodesk acquisition.  This one comes just under a year from our first announcement, but brings Numenus’s high-end realtime raytracing support to Autodesk’s popular modeling packages. “High-end, instantaneous visualization capabilities are a necessity in the world of design,” said Andrew Anagnost, vice-president of suites, Web services and subscription at Autodesk. “Combining advanced […]

Autodesk 123D Sculpt. Free iPad App to Sculpt, Paint, Rock.

Autodesk is bringing another nice app to the iPad, this time bring some nice deformable 3d modeling to the popular device.  Called “123D Sculpt”, it’s a very stripped down version of something like Mudbox, letting you use multitouch interactions with models for a more tactile and intuitive experience. You can look at the video above […]


Walt Disney Pictures and Autodesk Sign XGen Technology License Agreement

Autodesk and Walt Disney Pictures have signed a 5-year exclusivity agreement that brings WDAS’s “XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator” (known as XGen) to Autodesk’s Digital Entertainment Creation Community.  XGen was most recently responsible for the great hair and foliage work in Tangled.  It’s based on technology demoed at SIGGRAPH back in 2003, and now 8 years later it’s […]
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FusionIO making a Splash at SIGGRAPH

If you swing by the NVidia booth at SIGGRAPH you’ll see one major eye catching feat:  A single workstation driving 12 full HD displays with uncompressed 1080P video simultaneously, thanks to the NVidia QuadroPlex 7000 and FusionIO. “Working with Fusion-io, we’ve created an impressive, large-scale visualization technology demonstration at SIGGRAPH for show attendees,” said Jeff […]


Autodesk buys

In a totally unexpected move (unexpected by me anyway), Autodesk has just bought online website for an undisclosed sum.  This looks to be a move to further Autodesk’s use in the home CAD industry currently owned by other lower-cost, and typically less feature rich, alternatives. In today’s press release announcing the purchase, Autodesk says […]

Autodesk acquires Pixlr, 3D Systems acquires Alibre

Busy week in the CAD markets.  First off, 3D Systems acquired Alibre design, bringing in their productivity tools to their rapidly growing CAD suites. “With Alibre in our portfolio we are personalizing and integrating design and manufacturing productivity,” said Abe Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems. “The combined affordability and user friendliness of our […]