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The Augmented Lecture Feedback System

by Randall Handon June 20, 2013
Another interesting use-case for wearable AR systems like Google Glass comes from a Spanish university that has integrated it into a lecturer system for monitoring classroom participation. Researchers at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed the Augmented Lecture Feedback System (ALFs), a HUD glasses interface that teachers can wear while giving a lecture. From […]

LiveMap: The Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet of the Future?

by Randall Handon June 20, 2013
Over in Russia, a new entry into the ever-growing augmented reality space comes in the form of a special Motorcycle helmet. Designed in Russia, the unique helmet design features a head-mounted display with a full-color, translucent picture projected directly onto the visor. An on-board light sensor adjusts the image brightness and translucency based on the […]

Atheer Labs demonstrates a 3D, virtual-reality headset technology

by Randall Handon May 31, 2013
At the All Things Digital event, Atheer Labs demonstrated another partygoer in the rapidly growing Augmented Reality headwear space.  Mistakenly called a “virtual-reality” headset by Venturebeat, it’s actually an optical see-through augmented reality display. During the demo, founder Allen Yang stood onstage wearing the headset (pictured above) while controlling a display by moving his head […]

The future of virtual reality: conquer vertigo or surgery?

by Randall Handon May 24, 2013
Another article on the coming VR and AR surge comes from TheGuardian that has an article interviewing the folks at Inition, a company that’s been working on VR development for over a decade. Virtual reality might still require a lot of kit, but Inition have also been making leaps in the world of augmented reality, […]

meta: The Only Fully Augmented Reality Glasses by meta

by Randall Handon May 22, 2013
First the Oculus Rift, then Google Glasses and Cast, and now Mr. Wearable Computer himself is out with his own device “The Meta”, listed now on kickstarter.  For $750, you get the Epson see-through display glasses and a SoftKinetic camera on your forehead, all connected through software magic to create an augmented reality see-through display. […]

Cast AR hands-on with Jeri Ellsworth at Maker Faire 2013

by Randall Handon May 20, 2013
Reminiscent of the beginnings of the Oculus Rift, there’s now a new Augmented Reality headwear coming to Kickstarter from some old Valve employees and Jeri Ellsworth.  They had some rough prototypes at the recent Maker Faire 2013, and the folks from engadget were there to get pics and an interview. We interacted with a variety […]

Augmented Reality Sandbox

by Randall Handon May 7, 2012
Using a Kinect sensor with a traditional kids sandbox, Oliver Kreylos has created an interesting interactive tool merging classic fluid simulations with physical environments The goal of this project was to develop a real-time integrated augmented reality system to physically create topography models which are then scanned into a computer in real time, and used […]

DARPA Invests In Megapixel Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses

by Randall Handon February 2, 2012
Saw this on a few news outlets touting the amazing technology from Innovega & DARPA that puts an augmented reality display right on a contact lens on the eyeball.  It’s important to get the details as that’s not actually the truth: What they’ve done is create a contact lens that allows a wearer to focus […]


Hatsune Miku now dancing on tables in AR

by Randall Handon September 20, 2011
Toyota has teamed up with junaio and Hatsune Miku to bring the popular vocaloid sensation to life with Augmented Reality.  Toyota’s already used Hatsune to advertise their 2011 Corolla, so this is just a continuation of their existing ad campaign. Hatsune Miku may be a digital construct, but the great thing about Augmented Reality is […]

Mineable Minecraft block – Hack a Day

by Randall Handon September 1, 2011
A fun piece of augmented reality from Ben Purdy brings Minecraft to the real world with some clever projection kit.  Projecting classic 8-bit graphics onto a cardboard box you can then take a stick and mine away the projected block. Block animation is handled by a piezo sensor, an Arduino and a Processing sketch. From […]