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AMD, ATI, and IE9: A perfect match?

At last week’s MIX10 event, several people talked about NVidia driving IE9 with GPU acceleration, but ATI was there as well.  A new blog post from AMD reaffirms their own commitment to GPGPU, in particular the new IE9 features.  These two bullets in particular: # GPU acceleration enables improved screen response, higher quality text as […]

AMD’s ATI Catalyst 10.3a Driver Performance

[H]ard|OCP has posted a review of the performance of the Catalyst 10.3a drivers. Basically they show that there was some performance gains in all the games. Personally, I think that the driver release is an attempt to spoil the Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 and 470 launch. The rumor is that these two Nvidia cards perform […]

5×1 Eyefinity setup

Imagine putting five 22″ LCD monitors together to run a 5×1 Eyefinity setup. That is a total screen resolution of 8400×1050. That is not too shabby. The setup was a Intel E5200 CPU running at 3.33 GHz, 4GB of memory, and a Radeon HD5850. The game they are playing is DIRT2. Of course, a 5×1 […]

PowerColor HD5770 Eyefinity 5 card official

Guru3D has posted a news item today on the PowerColor HD5770 Eyefinity5 card. The card runs its GPU core at 850 MHz, while the 1GB of DDR5 memory runs at 1200 MHz. You can find out more information about the card in its press release. This is a slower card than the HD5870 which supports […]


AMD releases Catalyst 10.3 drivers

AMD has just released the Catalyst 10.3a preview drivers. These drivers offer improved support for Eyefinity by including bezel correction. In addition, these drivers also offer improvement in games by about 5%, depending upon the game. Some games will see a larger improvement (DiRT 2 improves up to 30% on ATI Radeon HD 5970 graphics […]

AMD Brings Up Open Stereo 3D at GDC

For the past six months, AMD has brought us the fastest DirectX 11 graphics card on the planet. Not only that, but they have created a new market with their Eyefinity technology. Nvidia has not been sitting still. They have chased after the GPGPU, game developers, and 3D market. Now AMD is starting their push […]


PowerColor PCS+ HD5870 & HD5850 Video Card Review

[H]ard|OCP has a review today of the PowerColor PCS+ HD5870 and HD5850 video cards featuring chips from ATI. These cards have a professional cooling system (hence the PCS) on them, and are slightly overclocked from default frequencies (hence the “+” in their name). Since they are overclocked, does this make any difference in playing games? […]

First Time Gaming Experience with ATI Eyefinity

[H]ard|OCP has posted a video reviewing how easy it is to game with ATI’s eyefinity feature, assuming that you have the right hardware and LCD screens to do it. They take three games that have been released recently, and show how well it works. One issue that crops up is the ATI badge overlays the […]


ATI FirePro driver v8.702 boasts 20% Performance Boost

ATI has just released a new driver for their popular FirePro cards that boasts an impressive performance boost in most CAD and graphics applications (see chart above).  Even Ensight (a popular scientific visualization package) and Maya (popular modeling/animation package) see slight boosts (5%), making it a no-brainer of an upgrade.  Other new features include: * […]

Eyefinity6 Launch Date and Preview at GDC 2010 is reporting the the launch date for Eyefinity6 will be March 29th. That should be just after Nvidia releases the GTX 480 and GTX 470, which is scheduled for will be March 26th. It looks like ATI plans on spoiling Nvidia’s launch. Until then, they are glad to provide you a video interview with […]


StudioGPU releases MachStudio Pro 1.4

Fans of the real-time nonlinear rendering and modeling suite MachStudio Pro have a new version to look forward to, boasting several new feature and enhancements.   A short list of just some of what you have to look forward to: – Export rendered images directly into Adobe Photoshop while maintaining all render passes as independent, editable […]
Gigabyte R587SO

CeBIT 2010 tradeshow coverage

Guru3d has a roundup of their coverage of the CEBIT trade show. They uncover several interesting graphics cards, including a Radeon HD 5770 from PowerCooler with 5 DisplayPorts. This is a step down from the Eyefinity