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Apple’s iPad: Evolution, Revolution, or Folly?

It’s been 24 hours since we were bestowed with the knowledge of the Apple iPad, and opinions are still pretty divided on whether it will be Apple’s savior or the implement of it’s own destruction.  Personally, I weight in on the “I don’t get it” side, where it falls somewhere between too big to be […]

Apple’s iPad: My opinions.. (UPDATED)

Not a terribly viz-oriented news topic, but it is popular today.  Watching the announcement, I found myself very underwhelmed and wanted to share some thoughts: No mention of GPS No mention of 3G or Edge They just announced that “Some models” will have cellular connectivity No mention of a Camera Applications can run “in a […]


Get Software & Help Haiti with Indie+Relief

No doubt that Haitians right now need help.  From the original 7.2 earthquake, the dozen 5.0 aftershocks, and last night’s 6.0 aftershock, the place is in ruins.  If you want to help, then get yourself some Apple or iPhone software in the process with indie+relief. They’ve got lots of applications, and here’s some of interest […]

Unreal Engine 3 for the iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS

AnandTech has an article showing the Unreal Engine 3 running on an iPod Touch and an iPhone 3GS. They also report that it will be seen on another mobile platform at CES. The demo has little point to it right now. There is no score, and only one enemy that spawns again when you kill […]

Resource Of The Week 12/9/2009: Encyclopedia of VFX

A mammoth tome of over 600 pages, the Encyclopedia of Visual Effects from the Apple Pro Training series has a reputation of being one of the best collections of visual effects know-how and knowledge ever consolidated into a single text, making it this week’s Recommended Resources. This is the ultimate recipe book for visual effects […]

OLED Apple tablet PC in 2H10?

Digitimes has information from Apple suppliers Foxconn, Quanta, and Pegatron that the long-rumored Apple Tablet is a reality, and will come in two versions: 10.6 inch TFT LCD 9.7 inch OLED Panel Of course, it won’t be cheap. Since 9.7-inch OLED panels are currently priced at about US$500 and panel costs normally account for about […]

Resource Of The Week: 9/23/2009

This week’s recommendation goes out to all of you in the Video Graphics industry: the Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 4.  The Apple Pro Training Series has long been the go-to source of information on all the Apple products, including Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and many others, and the Motion 4 book is another great […]

Autodesk Sketchbook on iPhone

Autodesk has taken the surprising step of releasing their popular sketching tool “Sketchbook” on the Apple App Store as SketchBook mobile ($2.99) for iPhone and iPod Touch. “Mobile apps are becoming increasingly advanced, moving beyond simple entertainment or utilitarianism,” said Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing Industry Group at Autodesk. “We are delighted to […]

ATI Radeon 4000 series graphics cards get into Mac computers

Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system is alive and well pushing OpenCL acceleration on any machine that supports it.  With such a feature integral to the OS, it’s no surprise that Apple is looking for the most reliable provider of 3D accelerator chips, and had decided to go a bit off the beaten path.  Unhappy with […]

Apple quietly discontinues Shake pro VFX app

In a somewhat unexpected move, Apple updated their website and store and removed all mentions of their popular compositing application “Shake”. Apple has removed its high-end, node-based visual effects and compositing application, Shake, from its website and online store. While Apple has made no official announcement and did not respond to our request for comment, […]

The Pixel Farm offers PFMatch for Free!

The Pixel Farm is announcing some new software at SIGGRAPH in a few weeks, so they’ve decided to offer PFMatch 2.1 for Apple’s Shake 4.1 for Free! As you may be aware, PFMatch has recently been discontinued. Much of the product philosophy of PFMatch is soon to be re-introduced with a fresh approach focussed on […]

Apple ProRes Whitepaper

If you’re a Final Cut user, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Apple “ProRes” codecs.  Well the new version of Final Cut adds a few new options to the ProRes family, and Apple has released a WhitePaper discussing the benefits of using it. With the release of the new Final Cut Studio, Apple has introduced […]