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Meet iPad’s Competition

Meet iPad’s Competition on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Apple updates App Wall visualization for 2010

Apple has updated their “App Wall” visualization at WWDC this year, this time packing 30 Mac Pro towers with GTX285′s connected to 30  30″ Cinema Displays, and visualizing apps like falling tetris blocks. This visualization shows the activity of the 50,000 most popular App Store apps on 30 synchronized 24-inch LED Cinema Displays. Each app […]


iPad By the Numbers

iPad By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC].

iRhino 3D on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

The makers of Rhino have just release a new iPad & iPhone application to allow you to look at your models on your coveted portable apple devices. There is nothing like showing your designs and ideas in 3-D. Pan, zoom, and rotate with a tap or drag of your finger. The handy navigator lets you […]


Evolution of the Apple Laptop

Not 100%, but I think they’ve messed up their “Power Usage” plot, as they start at a mere 6W and end at 85W, but the line barely moves. Evolution of the Apple Laptop |. via Visual Loop

Steam on Mac Debut’s Today

All of the Apple-lovers in your life have a reason to be happy today, as this is the Launch Day of Valve Software’s Steam platform for Mac (which we’ve been anxiously awaiting for 3 months!).  Not only the game distribution platform, but some of their most popular games.  On launch (today) they have Portal, and […]


Infographic: Apple and Adobe

The war of words and technology wages on between Apple and Adobe about getting Flash and Flash-based technology onto the iPhone and iPad, but the intertwined history of the two companies can make it a bit difficult to separate the reality and the rhetoric.  A new infographic from Enrique Serrano tries to break it down […]
Basic CMYK

Infographic: How iPod Took The World By Storm

No doubt that Apple has singlehandedly created and owned the MP3 player market since the first iPod launched in 2001, and a new infographic by OnlineSchools for Mashable catalogs the growth. Apple sold 125,000 iPods by the end of 2001; it sold a flabbergasting 225 million by 2010. Coupled with the music management/online music store […]


MacBook Pro GPU Switching

One of the problems with the new MacBook Pro is that a user could not manually switch back and forth from the Intel HD graphics chip and the Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics card. The Intel HD graphics chip could be disabled so that the Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics card was the only one […]

Apple’s 15-inch 2010 MacBook Pro

Recently we have talked about Apple’s new MacBook Pro line. What is interesting about the new laptops is that they can switch from Intel’s graphics chips (which are low power and thus are good for long battery life) to Nvidia’s GeForce GT 330M. The Nvidia chip uses more power, which cuts down on battery life, […]