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Anime Studio now in Mac App Store

If you’re a fan of SmithMicro’s Anime Studio tools, you can now get them in the Mac App Store via direct download.  For a mere $29 (a far discount from the usual $49), you can download the app directly to your favorite Mac and start creating your own animated masterpieces. Anime Studio Animation Software – […]

Apple releases OSX Lion, New Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display

So Apple’s new OSX Lion is available on the Mac App Store, bringing lots of iOS feature to the desktop operating system and lots of little tweaks and changes.  ArsTechnica has a great review full of screenshots. On first boot, Lion shows you a brand new login screen, draped in the linen texture seen as […]


More Thoughts on Final Cut Pro X

StudioDaily has a great compilation of some of the facts regarding Final Cut Pro X, covering everything they can find online, on Apple’s website, and via personal experience. It does feel like, at least at this early stage, FCPX is a love it or hate tool. It is an extreme departure from how Final Cut […]

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X

Well it’s finally hear.  Point your mac at the Mac App Store and you can get Final Cut Pro X for $299, Compressor for $50,  and Motion 5 for $50.  What used to cost over $1000 comes in at just shy of $400.  Of course, Apple is touting this as a huge improvement all around: “I’m […]


Apple Reaches New Milestone: 500,000 iOS Apps (Infographic)

Apple Reaches New Milestone: 500,000 iOS Apps (Infographic).    
Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.46.16 AM

How Does Apple Mobilize Its Ad Machine?

How Does Apple Mobilize Its Ad Machine?.


Matt Toder: Why Final Cut Pro X Is Sending Me Back to Avid

Matt Toder has a piece up at Gizmodo on the new Final Cut Pro X, and how in spite of all the new features, he’s dumping it for Avid.  Mostly, the entire review is summed up in this one sentence: And now we’ve been given a glimpse of FCPX, a massive, from-the-ground-up revision of Final […]

Apple announces Final Cut Pro X

It was a long time coming, but Apple has finally announced Final Cut Pro X.   Announced at NAB, the new version offers whole new levels of compatibility with Apple’s rapidly evolving operating system. Apple says Final Cut Pro X has been rewritten from the ground up, with support for 64-bit, a user-interface redesign, and a whole […]


PostProduction Changes explored at AlphaDog’s Pre-NAB Editor’s Lounge

At the recent PreNAB Editor’s Lounge, some experts got together to discuss what’s going on in the field of post-production.  Between discussions of the new Final Cut Pro and the impact of the Japanese quakes on availability of HD-CAM-SR tapes, they got into the popularity of 3D. 3-D was coined the “wild west” and does […]

Automatic Video Editing with HighlightCam

A new product from HighlightCam aims to eliminate all the tedius work from video editing (for the typical consumer of course) through careful use of some smart algorithms.  Built for iPhone and iPod Touch, their app allows you to load in your videos, answer a few short questions, and let their Amazon Cloud-driven service create […]


Apple refreshes MacBook Pros, Drops NVidia for AMD/Intel

Apple has just refreshed the MacBook Pro line of hardware with some impressive new offerings, dumping the previously used NVidia chips for Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Radeon chips.  Just check out what you get for $1800: 15-inch MacBook Pro – No more Core i5 options for the middle child — these two strictly get […]

Apple Patent Reveals Pans for Holographic Display

A new patent awarded to Apple reveals an interesting new way to create a 3D autostereoscopic display.  Rather than a parallax barrier, their display uses tiny pixel-sized domes that can effectively ‘project’ different visuals in different directions, enabling a 3D effect when viewed and then have some true multi-viewing angle effects. It states: “An exceptional […]