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Makerbot Vase in White

Enhanced MakerBot PrintShop iPad app adds new Vase Maker tool

MakerBot has enhanced and updated its free iPad app, MakerBot® PrintShop™ version 1.0.5, which includes the new Vase Maker tool and is available immediately from the iTunes App Store. MakerBot PrintShop allows anyone with an iPad and a MakerBot Replicator® 3D Printer to unleash their inner 3D designer with just a few taps of a finger. MakerBot […]
Apple Bank

Apple Could Make it Easy to Adopt miCommerce

Filthy Money – Everyone in the tech fields has been throwing a whole lot of time and effort into convincing you that there’s a better way to buy things than with hard cash or rigid plastic. Apple might have all the pieces in place to make it easier to do with a wave of your […]

twomonUSB product shot

iPad can function as second monitor with TwomonUSB app

DEVGURU (, a software development company, released ‘TwomonUSB,’ an application that converts iPad into a dual monitor by directly connecting iPad and computer with USB. In their press release, DEVGURU states: “TwomonUSB is the first in the world to use USB connection to change iPad into a secondary monitor providing fast and stable screen while playing […]
Apple Macintosh from 1984

Original Mac developers gather for 30th anniversary on January 25

The original Mac development team who envisioned and built the first Apple Macintosh personal computer will headline the Mac30th Anniversary Celebration to commemorate the computer’s historic 1984 launch. The gala event will gather the Who’s Who – inventors, technologists, media, and venture capitalists — behind one of the most successful technology innovations. “The Mac made […]

Mac Pro 2013 unboxing from

2013 Mac Pro Unboxing video: first look has acquired one of the new MacPro computers for review, and is offering a tantalizing unboxing video before they even get a review online. There has been a great deal of discussion online in the video and graphics world about the benefits and potential problems of this completely new system from Apple. The chief […]

3dsMax Virtual Camera with iDevCam

If you’ve always wanted to try out virtual cameras like the VCam from Intersense, but don’t have the budget to buy big Hollywood equipment, check out this little iOS app called iDevCam that can turn your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad into a virtual camera. With iDevCam you can move, rotate or drive cameras or […]

Convert FCP7 Projects to FCPX with 7toX

The hatred for Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X is deep and well documented for a wide variety of reasons.  One of the more frequently mentioned ones is that it can’t import existing projects, essentially eliminating all your existing work and projects.  Well, a new version (10.0.3) dropped today, and there’s a new tool from […]

Poach-gate Scandal: VFX Idol Steve Jobs Involved

VFX Soldier has a great piece on some of the recent discoveries in the ongoing Apple/Pixar/Lucasfilm investigation from the Justice Department.  The allegation is that these three studios (and maybe more) had an illegal agreement to not poach each other’s employees in an attempt to drive wages down.  Not only is this illegal, but it’s […]


CEI EnLiten Now Available on the Mac

EnSight users now have a new tool to try with their Mac Customers: EnLiten EXE’s for Windows can now be run on Mac’s without needing X thanks to a native Mac Application.  It’s available now for free from the Mac App Store. EnLiten is a 3D viewer for scenes created by EnSight. EnSight visualizes data from […]

Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 7.05.54 AM

iPhone history animated in an infographic video

CNet UK has a nice little info-video online (Perhaps we need a new word?) chronicling the history of the iPhone from inception to the iPhone 5 (Which wound up being the 4S actually). Watch out for the number of transistors inside an iPhone 4, which we compare to an early Intel chip. It’ll blow your […]
Screen Shot 2011-10-07 at 6.33.06 PM

Steve Jobs and the Gift of Pixar

With the sudden passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs, the internet has been awash with stories of his great ideas and the many amazing products he brought to life at Apple during his tenure.  What has been largely overlooked is his similar guidance of a little computer graphics company named Pixar, brought from a dying […]