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New Animations Take You Flying Over Mars

Doug Ellison has taken the high-resolution imagine from NASA’s HiRISE probe and crunched it with some high-end animation packages to create a pair of flyovers of the Mars Terrain. HiRISE creates detailed digital-elevation models. Crunch that data, add perspective and some cinematic effects, and you have the movies that Doug Ellison, founder of, posted […]

Making animated trees more life-like

Over at the University of Bath, Dr Peter Hall and Chris Li have developed new algorithms that can analyze video footage of trees swaying in the wind and recreate it in 3D models suitable for movies and videogames. Dr Hall explained: “Trees move in irregular ways and it’s very hard to achieve natural-looking movement. “It […]


invaZion ’10 3D Stereo Short Film Challenge

The invaZion 2010 challenge is revving up, and focusing on 3D Stereo Short films this time.  They’ve named their star-studded judge panel, including guys from Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney, and their prizes are worth 20,o00 € . Entries must be in by March 30th, and much be in either 720p or 1080p format.  If you […]

Top 2009 Independent Short Movies from ItsArtMag

ItsArtMag has published a short list of independent short movies featured on their site over 2009.   It contains 15 videos, some of which we’ve covered before like Pidgeon Impossible & World Builder, but there are several new items in the list.  Go check it out. Top 2009 Independent Short Movies.


Javier Lopez-Duprey’s “Trigger Happy”

Sometimes simply having an awesome gadget and drive isn’t enough to become a great superhero, as one wayward entrant to the Superhero Academy discovers in this short film from Javier Lopez-Duprey as his Ringling College senior thesis.  Great character animation work, and a fun little story to go with it. See it after the break.

StopMo The Movie From Supinfocom Arles

Another great animated short from the French Supinfocom Arles, “StopMo” tells the tale of an archaeologist that rediscovers a long long Visual Effects studio buried in the ice.  While attempting to recover a film reel she accidentaly awakens the machines in the studio, and Old fights New as a stop-motion Gorilla fights a CG & […]


NeochaEDGE’s Top 5 Chinese indie animations of 2009

Computers in China are a rapidly growing industry, in particular due to the recent involvement of the chinese government into “modernizing” the populace.  While the regime in control might be oppressive, artists and animators aren’t letting that get in their way, as evidenced by the five great indie animations selected by NeochaEdge. Below are 5 […]

Rodrigo Blaas’ Alma Short Film

A cute little girl walks the streets of a quiet french town and finds a strange store full of beautiful dolls, and enters the open door.  She struggles to reach the one doll she loves, and finds herself getting more than she bargained for. An eerie tribute to countless Twilight Zone episodes, Pixar Animator Rodrigo […]

Humor: Pixar Intro Parody

I don’t usually include videos from CollegeHumor here, but this new video showcasing the sad truth of what really happens to the ‘I’ in the Pixar Intro is just too good to pass up. Poor little Luxie, he was so young. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

“The Passenger” by Chris Jones

Chris Jones has spent the last 8 years developing a short film called “The Passenger”, and has chronicled the entire event on his website from concept to completion. Last century, when I started making The Passenger, all I wanted was a centerpiece for my showreel. I had been working in computer games for three and […]

Making of Night of the Werehog Cinematic

SEGA’s newest Sonic game, ‘Night of the Werehog’ has had the honor of having its cinematic selected for the SIGGRAPH Asia Animation Festival screenings.  CGSociety talks to Takeshi Ito, the producer, about how they created it: Creation of the models from hand-drawn sketch characters, brought across from the original video game Sonic image, was the […]

Pixar’s “Partly Cloudy” Short Listed

Pixar’s most recent short “Partly Cloudy”, revealing the details of where storks really get their delivered babies from, is in the running for the AMPAS Best Animated Short, to be announced February 2nd.  Peter Sohn sits down with StudioDaily to talk about how he got the idea, and some of the hurdles they ran into […]