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Big Data a competitive weapon for the Enterprise

Big Data: A competitive weapon for the Enterprise (INFOGRAPHIC)

Datameer has set its stake as “the only end-to-end big data analytics application purpose-built for Hadoop”. Being Enterprise-focused as their major client base, it’s no surprise they want to stay on top of the trends and uses of Hadoop, and, as we approach the end of 2014, they have released an infographic based on their […]

Surprising Shift to Mobile Shopping Will Improve Holiday Sales

“Cash is the fossil fuel that keeps our economic pistons pumping.” – Walter, “Home for the Holidays,” Paramount, 1995   Well, my daughter is busy lathering her fingers with ranch hand cream (she found it online and swears by it) to get ready for the holiday shopping season, has charged her “old” iPhone (thrown out […]


TOP 10 most profitable businesses in America… maybe they’re not what you thought (INFOGRAPHIC)

Kevin Sheetz, the CEO and co-founder of Powerlytics, a company focused on using Big Data to deliver “trusted, actionable financial intelligence to manage risk and find growth opportunities”, put forth a new analysis on industry profitability and delivered a straightforward infographic showing the top 10 results… and these results might surprise you. He describes why […]
Visual representation of a Visually Campaign

Brands to publish compelling visual stories via Campaigns

After a successful Series A of fundraising (see the VizWorld interview here),, the world’s largest marketplace for infographics and other visual information design projects, took their expertise a step further, according to Lee Sherman (@lsherman), co-founder and Chief Content Officer of, to offer what they call campaigns. In an interview shortly after the […]

Tow Center for Digital Journalism

The first Tow Research conference, Quantifying Journalism: Metrics, Data and Computation, streaming live today

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism/Columbia Journalism School presents the first Tow Research conference, Quantifying Journalism: Metrics, Data and Computation, on May 30, 2014. Quantifying Journalism: Data, Metrics, and Computation will bring together academics, practitioners and technologists to explore three critical questions at the heart of the data journalism conversation: Beyond Clickbait: How are news organizations […] logo

Visually announces “ Campaigns”: Content Marketing from Ideation to Analytics

Visually, the world’s marketplace for visual content, today announced the launch of “ Campaigns”, a platform upgrade that helps marketers achieve measurable goals through custom packages that delivers visual content, at the right frequency, through targeted channels. [For an in-depth interview with Visually co-founder Lee Sherman, please see our video at] Visually, a full-service [...

Graphic Recording from TedMed 2013 by Dean Meyers: The Accumulation of the World's Health Data

The Possibilities of Data to be Explored on Data Innovation Day

Join the Center for Data Innovation in celebrating Data Innovation Day on January 23, 2014 at a conference to be held in Washington, DC. With speakers from both public and private industry, the day-long event will be anchored by three panel discussions that focus on data from a decidedly social point of view: The Data Economy, Health […]

Create interactive magazine-style BI reports with Roambi’s new Flow

Roambi, creator of Roambi Analytics, has released a new, cloud-based product designed to put visualizations of business information in the hands of mobile and tablet users: Roambi Flow. More than a collection of interactive data displays, Flow begins with a series of magazine or report style templates which allow the user to create documents that […]

Information on Demand symposium from IBM

IBM’s new data discovery and visualization cloud offerings with predictive analytics

At the IBM Information On Demand & Business Analytics Forum (#IBMIOD), IBM today announced three new data discovery and visualization software capabilities. These new solutions will help line of business employees engage, experience and gain actionable insights from data and help them drive insights from data in a matter of minutes.  IBM is introducing new data discovery software that enables business […]

Tecplot, Inc. Releases Its Latest Innovation in Simulation Analytics

A new tool from Tecplot today called “Chorus” jumps into the “simulation analytics” space, combining visualization with data maangement, statistics, and data mining techniques to make finding the gems of insight hidden in your massive CFD datasets easier than ever. “Tecplot Chorus is the new generation of post-processing tools for engineers. The new paradigm of […]


Visualizing the Super Bowl with Twitter’s Super Data

Kevin Weil of Twitter’s Analytics team took a deep look at the massive firehose of data that was Twitter during Super Bowl 44 and visualized the data about the game and about the advertising as a percentage of Twitter volume as a whole. We categorized each incoming tweet as about the Super Bowl itself, about […]

Purdue’s new VACCINE Center for DHS

Purdue University is kicking off a new center dubbed “Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments” (VACCINE), funded by the US Department of Homeland Security, to create tools and software for use by government agencies and emergency personnel. “We are creating ways for people to get information interactively in an understandable format to help […]