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AMD Ships Five Million Fusion APUs

I knew AMD’s Fusion would be a force to be reckoned with, but I never expected this.  In just a few short months, AMD has moved 5 million Fusion units, in a recession with slumping netbook sales. Raymond Dumbeck, product marketing manager for AMD’s mobile products, was quoted as saying that AMD was “sold out” […]

What is AMD GeometryBoost?

AMD has announced a new hardware-level feature in their new FirePro V5900 and V7900 cards called “GeometryBoost”.  What is this you ask? GeometryBoost in the new FirePro V5900 and FirePro V7900 is a unique hardware capability that processes two primitives per clock cycle.  Each graphics engine is assigned to its own shader engine, consisting of […]


Nvidia SLI Coming to AMD Motherboards

It’s been a long time coming, but AMD and NVidia have finally traded an olive branch and soon you’ll be able to drop your NVidia GPU’s in SLI configuration on an AMD-powered motherboard. “Long term gamers probably remember that for a long time AMD offered great high-end CPUs, but in recent years, AMD’s stature as […]

AMD Fusion (Llano) demo

The video compares an Intel Core i7-2600 CPU with an AMD 3510MX. The Intel CPU is a Sandy Bridge processor and has Intel HD 3000 graphics. The AMD quad-core processor A8-3510MX has Radeon HD 6620M graphics. Of course it shows that AMD’s Llano performs better.


AMD Unveils Radeon HD 6450 Mainstream GPU – HotHardware

AMD is getting ready to launch their new Radeon HD6450, a budget card targeted at all those poor souls suffering through integrated Intel graphics chips.  It’s not exactly ‘high-end’, but for most people it’ll be well beyond what they’re going to use it for, making it a great entry card for gaming. Ultra high-framerates with […]

AMD: DirectX Comments Taken Out of Context

AMD is backpedaling on their earlier statements about DirectX and graphics API’s, stating that they were taken out of context.  As I originally suspected, the number of developers eager (or willing?) to code to bare metal is a startling minority. The previous interview claimed that developers want the API to “go away,” that it’s getting […]


AMD says Farewell to DirectX?

A somewhat controversial piece over on Bit-Tech mentions a comment from AMD’s developer relations manager where he says that many game developers just want the API to go away. ‘It’s funny,’ says AMD’s worldwide developer relations manager of its GPU division, Richard Huddy. ‘We often have at least ten times as much horsepower as an […]

Triple-GPU Scaling: AMD CrossFire Vs. Nvidia SLI

Triple-GPU systems are still a fair rarity in the consumer space, but frequently discussed and coveted by hard-core gamers all over.  In a recent benchmark by Toms Hardware, they put NVidia’s Triple-SLI against AMD’s Crossfire 3-way to see which one performs better.  Much to my own surprise,  the AMD solution not only yields slightly better […]

AMD HD3D In 60 Seconds

AMD’s Shane Parfitt helps you set up AMD HD3D gaming in 60 seconds on an AMD Radeon graphics card. Personally, I find these thins a bit disingenuous. If you have a 120 Hz 3-D TV that is HDMI 1.4a complaint, and if you have a suitable PC capable of supporting the Radeon card, and if […]

AMD Radeon HD 6990

It is March 8th, and as we reported last week, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 is being released today. The Radeon HD 6990 has two Caymen GPUs. This is the same GPU found in the Radeon HD 6970. Essentially, the 6990 is running on-board CrossFire between the two GPUs. This gives it 3072 stream processors […]


AMD Renames Stream to APP, and Offers a University Kit

Realizing the success of Nvidia’s CUDA university initiatives, AMD recently announced a new OpenCL University Kit, a collection of materials that can be used in any university environment to teach OpenCL programming. “Teaching students to effectively leverage the OpenCL standard involves all the intricacies of parallel programming plus support for a new class of heterogeneous […]

AMD Showcases New OpenCL Bullet Physics Plug-in for Maya 2011

Not wanting to let NVidia get all the hype for their announcements at GDC this week, AMD also announced new features in the OpenCL space.  One of interest to many is a new OpenCL-driven Bullet Physics plugin for Maya 2011. “AMD is committed to collaborating with partners like Autodesk on industry standards and open-source software […]