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Stereoscopic Movies, Savior or Destroyer?

Kathleen Maher, senior analyst at Jon Peddie Research and editor in chief of JPR’s “TechWatch”, has a great writeup on the sudden surge of stereoscopic 3D movies in theaters and how it could either save or doom the industry. Instead, the industry has found its lullaby: stereographic 3D. Big-screen movies drawing more people into the […]

Calit2’s 9-screen LCD Visualization Rig

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego’s Calit2 Visualization team have constructed the “NexCAVE”, a 9-screen rig built from LCD monitors for immersive visualization. Researchers from the group have constructed a three-column, nine-panel 3D display using flat screens from JVC, stereoscopic glasses, and “game PCs with high end NVIDIA game engines.” Dubbed NexCAVE, it’s […]

Explanations and Examples of Stereoscopic

With all the rage in 3D Stereoscopic displays, be it on computers or in the theater, you might want to spend some time brushing up on just how it works. has descriptions and examples of stereoscopic effects on their website, including: OpenGL Examples Stereoscopic Camera Calculator Glossaries A list of technical papers and report […]

PureDepth Announces Three New U.S. Patents

PureDepth, makers of 3D display systems, has just been issued notice from the US Patent Office of three U.S. patent applications to proceed to grant. The patents are: Interactive Three Dimensional Display with Layers Screens Data Display for Multiple Layered Screens Depth Fused Display “Adding these patents to our already robust portfolio clearly demonstrates that […]

S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA) wants 3D Gaming for All

In an attempt to keep 3D Stereoscopic gaming from going the awkward route of the several virtual reality technologies before it, the industry has formed the “S-3D Gaming Alliance” (S3DGA). According to the U-DECIDE Initiative, a well received study of modern gamers, 93% of survey respondents want to see game developers support stereoscopic 3D technology. […]

Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 3D, at SIGGRAPH

Disney Animation has begun the task of converting one of its classic 2D movies, Beauty and the Beast, into 3D, and discusses it shortly with Variety. Producer Don Hahn, who’s overseeing the conversion for the studio, says, “We developed some proprietary software to actually inflate the characters and actually create dimension out of them, to […]

Alioscopy demos 3D Monitors at SIGGRAPH

Here’s something I’m definitely going to check out at SIGGRAPH: Alioscopy’s “No-Glasses” 3D Displays in the Autodesk Booth. At SIGGRAPH this year, in the Autodesk booth (Booth #  2201), Alioscopy USA will be answering both calls to build a community of artists to deliver new 3D autostereoscopic content and autostereoscopic “no-glasses” technology.  As this market […]

Dimensionalizing in G-Force for 3D

G-Force, the action/comendy about a government agency of guinea pigs that save the world, opened recently.  It’s a fully-3D movie, but didn’t start out that way.  Four months into shooting regular 2D film, a change of course requiring some fairly extensive rethinking. So principle photography on G-Force, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, proceeded as it does […]

Brain’s Center For Perceiving 3-D Motion Is Identified

Researchers at the Institute for Neuroscience and Center for Perceptual Systems have managed to locate the area of the brain that is responsible for processing 3D Motion information, and surprisingly it’s an area previously thought only responsible for 2D motion. “Our research suggests that a large set of rich and important functions related to 3-D […]

Creating 3D Content tutorials at IBC09

Monday, September 14th will be “D Cinema Day” at IBC09, focusing on the entire processing of generating stereoscopic 3D for films.  Chaired by Phil Streather, CEO of Principal Large Format, the day-long session will cover introductory material, previs, image capture, and finally editing stereo film. The purpose of our programme on D Cinema Day at […]

YouTube, Now in 3D!

One enterprising googler has spent his fabled 20% time developing a 3D video system for YouTube.  Supporting Anaglyphic stereo (Red/Cyan or Amber/Blue), and a few funny “manual” modes like CrossEyed, it’s still pretty experimental. See one video after the break.

Is James Cameron’s Avatar literally Mind Altering?

James Cameron’s Avatar has generated huge hype and incredible expectations in the press, but can it live up to it?  Greg Passmore believes it could, but for unexpected reasons. Responding to a recent NY Times article about Avatar, where behavioral neurologists commented that Mr. Cameron’s work could tap brain systems that are undisturbed by conventional […]