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Porn industry tiptoes into 3D video

by Randall Handon January 14, 2010
One industry fans of 3D Video in the home should watch, in a purely business-like way of course, would be the Adult Film Industry.  Working with significantly smaller budgets than Hollywood or video game studios, and suffering a complete lack of large-theaters for showing, they rely entirely on 3D in the home.  One director in […]

England vs Wales Rugby Match to be in 3D

by Randall Handon January 13, 2010
UK Rugby fans will be in for a treat next month as the England vs Wales games, on February 27th, will be shown in 40 cinemas across the country in 3D thanks to team sponsor O2. Paul Vaughan, Operations Director for the Rugby Football Union, said: “I hope rugby fans will pack cinemas across the […]

The AMV Titan

All Mobile Video Building 3D Production Truck for NAB

by Randall Handon January 13, 2010
Here’s something to check out at NAB next year: All Mobile Video is building a special 3D-capable HD production truck using equipment from vendors like Sony and Fujinon that they plan to have on the floor at NAB in April. “3D is the new technology requirement for live production,” added Alec Shapiro, SVP of sales […]

3D without Glasses: Holograms from HoloAD

by Randall Handon January 12, 2010
Taiwan’s Innovision was at CES demonstrating their HoloAD technology which is 3D the way it’s meant to be done, projected via a hologram for 180-degrees of viewing. As is the case with all 3D tech, HoloADs work by fooling the brain into thinking it’s seeing something that doesn’t really exist. HoloAD displays work by using […]


TVGuide’s Hologram Glam Cam at the Golden Globes

by Randall Handon January 11, 2010
Buzz is growing (thanks to Mashable) about TVGuide debuting a new toy called the “Hologram Glam Cam” during the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, to show the celebrities in 3D.  However, I think people are overestimating it a bit.  From the Press Release: As celebrities are being interviewed live on the Red Carpet, TV Guide Network […]

NVIDIA 3D Surround Multi-display Gaming

by Paul Adamson January 8, 2010
[H]ard|OCP has an editorial today with some information about Nvidia’s 3D Surround multi-display gaming setup at CES. Nvidia has its 3D Surround technology running on a pair of 285 GTX graphics cards in the lobby. This is being displayed on three projectors at 720P and is using VGA connectors. In the booth, they have a […]


NYTimes on Do Consumers Really Want 3-D TVs?

by Randall Handon January 8, 2010
If you’ve ready any coverage of CES, then you know that everyone there is pitching 3D in the home in some fashion.  3D Displays, 3d Glasses, 3D BluRay, seems everyone has something.  The New York Times takes a position similar to mine (It’s neat stuff, but not gonna be big anytime in 2010), and summarizes […]

Panasonic launches Stereoscopic Camcorder

by Randall Handon January 7, 2010
EnGadget has information on Panasonic’s new 3D Camcorder which integrates everything necessary for stereoscopic recording into a single easy-to-hold package. Dubbed a “professional” device, the camcorder won’t be available to order until April, and it’s expected to make the filming of 3D content easier due to having the camcorder itself, the lenses, camera head and […]


NYTimes on the introduction of 3D TV

by Randall Handon January 6, 2010
Brian Stelter and Brad Stone of the New York Times have a new article up, conveniently here on opening day of CES, about the new 3D Television push.  While content is slowly coming on-line via several avenues, the televisions and supporting hardware is still rather costly. I think this point sums it up quite nicely: […]