fractograf app screen shots

Fractograf launches all-in-one digital entertainment experience with social media interaction in a mobile app

Fractograf, LLC, announces the launch of its new mobile app, fractograf, a platform for an all-in-one digital entertainment experience and social media interaction. fractograf is now available for free download in the App Store. A fractograf is a social object in digital form that contains multiple images, called fraxels, similar to a typical photograph’s pixels. fractograf will allow users […]
Smart Things purchased by Samsung

Samsung to Acquire SmartThings, Open Platform for the Internet of Things

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire SmartThings, an open platform for the smart home and the consumer Internet of Things. SmartThings supports an open and growing ecosystem of developers, who are producing new types of connected devices and unique apps in the cloud that change how everyday […]

Blue Waters supercomputing project to offer graduate course on visualization in Spring 2015

The Blue Waters project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will offer a graduate course on High Performance Visualization for Large-Scale Scientific Data Analytics in Spring 2015. This semester-long online course will provide students with free access to Blue Waters, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Blue Waters performs quadrillions of calculations every […]

ENTOURAGE: Adrian Grenier. photo: Claudette Barius

Time Warner Cable and Adrian Grenier Are Asking How You Can Use Filmmaking to Let Your Voice Be Heard

Time Warner Cable is partnering with actor and producer Adrian Grenier on the upcoming documentary “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World” and is calling on passionate filmmakers to share their inspiration as part of Time Warner Cable’s Indie Film Month. “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World” Beginning […]
Social impact of the NVIDIA GPU

NVIDIA offering $150,000 for Researchers in new Global Impact Award

ANNUAL $150,000 AWARD FOR RESEARCHERS, UNIVERSITIES WORLDWIDE NVIDIA is calling on global researchers to submit their innovations for the NVIDIA Global Impact Award – an annual grant of $150,000 for groundbreaking work that addresses the world’s most important social and humanitarian problems. It will go to a researcher or institution using NVIDIA technology to achieve breakthrough results […]
Things3D Founders - Joe Wee & Chris Byatte (Photo: Business Wire)

Things3D Opens Up The Next Mobile Gaming Frontier Via 3D-Printing

Things3D Developer Program Democratises Smart 3D Printing For Game Developers To Allow Fans To Engage With Physical Characters Directly In-App Things3D announces the launch of the Things3D Developer Program that heralds the start of a new wave of physical consumer engagement for mobile game developers. Based on four international patents pending, this world’s first platform […]

Mapping culture

Mapping Cultural migration over 2600 years (Dataviz)

A map visualization from researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas shows human migration patterns over the last 2,600 years. Drawing from the Google-owned Freebase information repository, researchers took 120,000 notable individuals and mapped their birth and death locations. The resulting visualization, which is somewhat biased toward North America and Europe, shows how the hotspots of […]

Autodesk introduces Sketchbook Pro 7 for Windows and Mac today

Autodesk, Inc. today introduced SketchBook Pro 7 for Windows and Mac, as well as a new membership offering for Autodesk SketchBook, a family of digital painting and sketching apps with more than 25 million users. An essential tool for any digital artist, from beginning hobbyist to professional illustrator or concept designer, SketchBook Pro 7 boasts new community-requested […]

Level Money, Millennial Vices: Booze

Millennials’ Vices: Where Do Young Americans Spend the Most Money on Guilty Pleasures? (INFOGRAPHICS)

Report from Level Money Analyzes Millennials’ Coffee Shop, Bar, and Fast Food Purchases; Reveals the Most Popular Brands and Top Spending States for Generation Y   Level Money, a mobile-first financial services company, has released a national report revealing how Millennials spend money on their guilty pleasures. Level Money was designed for Millennials, and the company has […]
Treehouse interactive

Interlude Makes Its Interactive Video Authoring Suite, Treehouse, Free for Everyone

Interlude, the leading digital media company that designs, develops and markets interactive video technology, has announced that it has opened up new creative possibilities for all creators, from brands to media and entertainment companies to professional filmmakers to educators to consumers. All of Interlude’s users now have access to unlimited free use of its web-based […]
Traces is the world's first immersive messaging app - letting you send video, pictures and music to specific locations. Photo credit: Ljudmilla Socci

New messaging app, Traces, adds meaning through context to enhance feelings of wellbeing, trust and empathy

It’s something we intuitively know to be true and now research has proven it: social media and mobiles are making us less happy and more anxious. “Our research shows that people rate content received through Traces as better and more meaningful than the same content received through conventional messaging apps. It also increases their sense […]

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