Battle of the Superhero Infographics

The Battle of the Superhero Movie Infographics! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Where it’s easy to find memes that use the same images with all kinds of variations, different funny captions, or even cause a huge stir as the recent #FAIL by Bill Cosby, it’s rare to see an infographic get spoofed by another infographic. That’s exactly what we have here, so please enjoy the clever parody […]

Shoestring Budget Travel Guide 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)

The price of one meal in Oslo is equal to the cost of 9 meals in Kuala Lumpur, and one night in the Bahamas is the price of 7 nights in Goa. While planning the next city break, most of us try to estimate how big of a hole in our pocket it will make. […]

TOP 10 most profitable businesses in America… maybe they’re not what you thought (INFOGRAPHIC)

Kevin Sheetz, the CEO and co-founder of Powerlytics, a company focused on using Big Data to deliver “trusted, actionable financial intelligence to manage risk and find growth opportunities”, put forth a new analysis on industry profitability and delivered a straightforward infographic showing the top 10 results… and these results might surprise you. He describes why […]

Mischief home screen

The Foundry acquires Mischief, a drawing program with natural tools that draw on an endless canvas

Putting pen or pencil to paper, usually the first way we developed or taught drawing skills for the last few hundred years, we became accustomed to applying pressure, moving at different speeds across the drawing surface, using a variety of widths to spread ink or graphite, and working against the feel of paper as the […]
TOBII partners to aid surgeons use visual commands in the operating room

EyeSeeMed, first eye-tracking hands-free access for surgeons to imaging and patient data in sterile environments

Tobii Technology, the world leader in eye tracking, announced today that its partner ESINOMED GmbH, a leading provider of display solutions for medical and industrial uses, is launching EyeSeeMed, the world’s first eye-tracking solution that integrates with hospital PACS systems to give surgeons hands-free access to imaging and patient data in sterile surgical environments. The […]
CEA 4K ultra HD logos

CEA Announces Availability of 4K Ultra HD Logo License and industry leaders agree, it’s “4K UHD”

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® announced today that the licensing agreement for logos for use by manufacturers to designate 4K Ultra High-Definition TVs (4K Ultra HD or 4K UHD), monitors and projectors for the home is now available. CEA also announced the availability of logo licensing agreements for promotional and educational use by retailers, buying […]

Iboamerican Journalism Handbook

Free download and print version of the Iberoamerican Data Journalism Handbook released

Nieman-Berkman Fellow (2014-2015) and founder of Poderomedia Miguel Paz (@miguelpaz) has announced the launch of the print version of the Spanish-language Iberoamerican Data Journalism Handbook. As noted in the introduction, the Handbook was created with the idea of paralleling the Data Journalism Handbook (which is also available for free download elsewhere). The individual articles in […]
3D Printing, second edition, by Christopher Barnatt – Interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt on his book ‘3D Printing: Second Edition’ | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Christopher Barnatt is a well-known 3D printing academic, videographer and pundit. On 7th November, an update of his book called ‘3D Printing: Second Edition’ was published. Source: For a complete overview of 3D printing, starting with the core  uses, from rapid prototyping through high-end additive technology applications, this book, written in plain English that […]

Visual BI and TIBCO Launch Co-Innovation Center to Revolutionize Data Analytics for Enterprises

Visual BI Solutions, a leader in business intelligence and analytics solutions, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with TIBCO Software, Inc. and launched a co-innovation center. The primary focus of this partner research center, based out of Visual BI’s labs in San Antonio, TX and Chennai, India, is to drive innovation around […]

Soldiers' Stories poster

Documentary with historic 3D images and living veterans’ stories honors 100th Anniversary of World War I

“Never forget” was coined on thousands of monuments around the world to remind and reflect on the sacrifices of World War I. SOLDIER’S STORIES a thirty-minute documentary film by Academy Award-winning producer Nicholas Reed, honors the 100th anniversary of World War I, remembering what it is, and was to be a soldier. The film incorporates […]
Data visualization in 3D format

A new way of representing data with 3D printing: visualizing data with 3D printed sculptures

A few months ago I shared a review of a 3D printer from the Wall Street Journal which incorporated a 3D data visualization. Here’s a look at someone making this more than just an oddity, but rather a serious attempt at improving visual communication of data visualizations. – Dean Meyers Until recently the 3D printing […]
Blackmagic Design's Fusion 7

Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 7 for advanced VFX and motion graphics released in a free version

Blackmagic Design has just announced that Fusion 7, which they claim is “the world’s most advanced visual effects and motion graphics software”, is now available free of charge from their website. Looking quickly through the specifications, the free version packs a mighty punch for a single designer or group, but if a studio needs workflow, […]



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