Simpack, just purchased by Dessault Systems

Dassault Systèmes Expands 3DEXPERIENCE Platform through acquisition of SIMPACK

Dassault Systèmes, has just announced the acquisition of SIMPACK, the technology leader in multi-body simulation technologies and solutions. With the acquisition of SIMPACK, based near Munich, Germany, Dassault Systèmes is expanding its SIMULIA realistic multiphysics simulation technology portfolio to include multi-body mechatronic systems, from virtual concept validation to the real-time experience. SIMPACK has more than […]
Colorway for 3D software by The Foundry

The Foundry reveals COLORWAY to create multiple looks and iterations of 3D images

The Foundry has revealed COLORWAY today, a brand new application that speeds up and changes the process of iterating on and finalizing an image. COLORWAY accelerates the creative design process, giving users access to a simple environment where they can develop looks of 3D objects and scenes and then share a selection of iterations with […]
Are you TUFF enuff promo

Are you Tuff enough to crowdfund ownership in a TV network?

TUFF TV, a multi-genre digital broadcast television network targeted at men, has announced what is probably a first in the media industry. TUFF TV will offer ownership in the network, as it kicks off a unique online crowdfunding campaign, allowing both accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to purchase shares in TUFF TV Network, LLC, […]

3D printer world seattle 2014

A Dozen Lucky Attendees to Win 3D Printers at 3D Printer World Expo Seattle

A Dozen 3D Printers to be Given Away to Attendees as the 3D Printing Industry’s Leading Expo Descends Upon the Emerald City August 22-23, 2014 When3D Printer World Expo lands in Seattle at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Aug. 22-23, a dozen attendees will walk away from the event with a free desktop 3D printer […]
OECD's new Data Portal Beta view of Selected Indicators for the United States

OECD’s Data Portal, full of interactive dataviz, now in public beta

Moritz Stefaner wants to visually “guide the users to the data”  in the dataviz-driven OECD Data Portal The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), now more than 50 years old, has just opened a new beta Data Portal to share their large sets of data to the public, with a highly responsive interface and […]
Kionte Running

The Kionte Storey Journey: Tragedy Brings Opportunity

Veteran Kionte Storey’s transformation and the documentary being made by Cirina Catania is an interesting story both in front of and behind the camera lens. Photo credit – Cirina Catania “Our injuries don’t define us. We make the best of our injuries.” – Corporal Kionte Storey, Unites States Marine Corps As you watch Corporal Kionte […]

Drew Cox, CEO & Co-Founder of Matter and Form, Inc, describes their new 3D Scanner

3D scanner from Matter and Form to start shipping in next two weeks

CEWEEK in New York City had many of the usual big players in the visuals/video/photography arena, but they set aside room for a few new ventures that are in the relatively new field of 3D printing. One gathering great attention was Matter and Form (, which sparked massive interest (and funding) on Indiegogo with their […]
Martha Napier using's PAPER at CEWEEK

A Stylus, Pencil and Paper at CE WEEK in New York

Within CEWEEK in NYC there were a few devices that prove the digital pen is possibly still mightier than the sword. Or, at least, in consumer products. Although Steve Jobs insisted that there would be no pen or stylus for the iPad, others have jumped to fill in that gap, both with specialty and all-purpose […]

YouTube Creator Blog: Look ahead: creator features coming to YouTube

Dean Meyers's insight: Are you ready to post 60FPS video on YouTube? more music to choose from in your editing? new features for YouTube look like it's meant for videomakers to get new things unheard of in broadcast.There's more attention to mobile platforms and community as well, engaging co-cre...

iPiMotion Capture

iPi Soft Unveils Biomech Add-On To iPi Motion Capture

New Tool Designed For In-Depth Biomechanical Analysis Of Human Motions Includes Visualization And Motion Data Export To Excel, MATLAB iPi Soft, developers of the iPi Motion Capture line of markerless motion capture technology, has unveiled iPi Biomech, a new add-on software tool for the biomechanical analysis of human motion. iPi Biomech extends the functionality of iPi Motion Capture for markerless tracking and […]
MakerBot Print Shop with iPad app released this weekend

MakerBot Unleashes the 3D Designer in Everyone with Launch of MakerBot PrintShop

Anyone with an iPad and a Fifth Generation MakerBot® Replicator® 3D Printer can now unleash their inner 3D designer with just a few taps of their finger. MakerBot PrintShop™, a fun, easy and free way to create and 3D print all kinds of cool things, makes its debut on the iTunes App Store this week. With MakerBot PrintShop, […]
Uday Parshionikar demonstrates his hands-free device playing Angry Birds

Perceptive Devices’ technology controls your devices with a glance and a smile

While Google Glass may have the public’s interest in headwear, it still can only run its own applications and requires eyeframes specd to fit the Glass. Not to mention that Glass itself is driven primarily by voice and hand gestures; there is an experimental “glance” command, and the rudimentary awareness of when your head is […]

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