Instagram Video: CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award Winners

by Dean Meyerson January 11, 2014
A 15-second look at International CES Design and Engineering Award Winners – watch for follow-up posts on this and more from CES coming soon! Post by VizWorld.
Graphic Recording from TedMed 2013 by Dean Meyers: The Accumulation of the World's Health Data

The Possibilities of Data to be Explored on Data Innovation Day

by Dean Meyerson January 11, 2014
Join the Center for Data Innovation in celebrating Data Innovation Day on January 23, 2014 at a conference to be held in Washington, DC. With speakers from both public and private industry, the day-long event will be anchored by three panel discussions that focus on data from a decidedly social point of view: The Data Economy, Health […]
Photo by Mike Tigas

Apply for Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation by January 31, 2014

by Dean Meyerson January 10, 2014
  The Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation is open for applications through January 31, 2014. As an opportunity for pursuing a project or studies that combine journalism with technology, it would seem to be a perfect fit if you are considering developing a project utilizing transmedia, visual journalism, or other new approaches, while in a […]

PASS Summit

Free online training webcasts covering hot topics in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence from PASS

by Dean Meyerson January 10, 2014
Spend a day with top experts from the world of business analytics and business intelligence on Feb. 5 and learn how to get the most from your data in a series of 12 free, live training webcasts with on-demand replay. The second annual 24 Hours of PASS: Business Analytics Edition will preview some of the […]
Brightcove zencoder cloud-based encoding

Brightcove collaborates with Rovi offering HEVC in Zencoder cloud encoding to support Ultra HD and 4K

by Dean Meyerson January 10, 2014
Brightcove  a leading global provider of cloud services for video, and Rovi Corporation, announced on January 7, 2014 a collaboration designed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation video compression standards. Through the agreement, Brightcove has licensed the DivX High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) solution, which is critical for streaming high-quality video and will be a driving […]

From CES: Nominations announced for 13th annual National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewer’s Awards

by Dean Meyerson January 9, 2014
The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, a non-profit media organization, has announced nominations for its 13th annual awards program honoring video game art, technology, and production. Introduced at the official CES press conference by Kate-Madonna Hindes of, the presenters were Tish Trotter of Geek Smash, Larry Hester of Complex Media, Marshall Honorof […]

Instagram your #Vizolutions2014 and win animation software

Instagram your New Year’s #Vizolutions2014 to win animation software

by Dean Meyerson December 31, 2013
VizWorld want to help you start the New Year with visual resolutions… draw them, photograph them, and put them on Instagram with the hashtag #Vizolutions2014 — then enter to win the latest version of SmithMicro’s professional 2D animation software, Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Put your entry in below:

Skybox Imaging Captures First High-Resolution, HD Video of Earth from Space

by Dean Meyerson December 30, 2013
Skybox Imaging (Skybox) announced on December 27, 2014 the release of the world’s first high-resolution, high-definition video of Earth taken by a commercial remote sensing satellite. These videos were taken by SkySat-1, the first of Skybox’s planned constellation of 24 satellites, and showcase high-resolution views of Tokyo, Bangkok, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Aleppo, Syria. The video clips […]

Uncovering an Enigma Wrapped in a Doodle

by Dean Meyerson December 30, 2013
Sunni Brown’s new book, “The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently,” argues that visual displays like doodles lead to quicker decision-making and help clarify problems. Dean Meyers‘s insight: Visual thinking starts at home… a twist on a well known phrase, but apt. Many people who don’t classify themselves as visual thinkers will sheepishly […]

The Journey of Documentary – the evolution of documentaries

by Dean Meyerson December 27, 2013
An online documentary about how to make an online documentary. Features a webseries, a crowd sourced timeline, an online testing cinema and resources for documentary makers. (@RobertCettl Hey, Robert. Dean Meyers‘s insight: Although this might become a meme, “An online documentary about how to make an online documentary” –  is actually an interesting resource for […]
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