1 in 100 million video series

Kronos Debuts “1 in One Hundred Million” Online Video Series

Webisodes Highlight the Spirit of Today’s Workforce, One Story at a Time Every day, more than 100 million Americans head to work. The majority of these workers perform critically important jobs that often go unrecognized. Kronos Incorporated today launched a new online video series titled “1 in One Hundred Million™” that tells the personal stories of the […]
Toshiba: 20 megapixel CMOS image sensor "T4KA7" for smartphones and tablets (Photo: Business Wire)

Toshiba Launches 20 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor for Smartphones and Tablets

Toshiba’s 20 megapixel CMOS image sensor enables 6mm Z-height camera modules for smartphones and tablets Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of “T4KA7”, a 1/2.4 inch, 20-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS image sensor, which enables 6mm z-height camera modules for smartphones and tablets. Sample shipments start today. The markets for smartphones and tablets increasingly require smaller cameras but with […]
DanceWall Remix, #3D #motioncontrol PC #game launches on @steam_games

Extreme Reality Launch Interactive Motion Controlled PC Game, “DanceWall Remix” Available on Steam

 Extreme Reality, the only company to bring full-body 3D motion controlled gaming to any device via a standard 2D camera, today announced the launch of DanceWall Remix, an interactive motion controlled PC game available for download on 40 online game stores, including Steam (the world’s largest online gaming platform with 35 million active users in 237 countries), […]

The NCSA Advanced Visualization Lab is working with Chicago’s Adler Planetarium on an upcoming planetarium-dome production, which will include visualizations of the surface of the sun. (Visualization: Advanced Visualization Lab / Data and simulation: Mathias Rempel, M.C.M. Cheung and Steele Hill)

Building the Universe Pixel by Pixel

Three ‘mapmakers’ of the universe – Ralf Kaehler, Stuart Levy and Dylan Nelson – discuss how their dramatically intricate 3-D universes can tell important stories about the cosmos.   Recently, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics unveiled an unprecedented simulation of the universe’s development. Called the Illustris project, the simulation depicts more than 13 billion years […]

NVIDIA CUDA 6.5 Production Release Now Available

NVIDIA has just announced availability of the production release of NVIDIA® CUDA® 6.5, the latest version of the world’s most pervasive parallel computing platform and programming model. Available today as a free download at, version 6.5 of the CUDA Toolkit brings the power of GPU-accelerated computing for the first time to 64-bit ARM platforms. It […]
Diane Durand of the Doodle Institute

The Doodle Institute Opens with a World’s First: Online Course Aids Preschoolers to Professionals in Developing Visual Vocabulary (Doodling) Skills

Doodling away on paper during a meeting may first appear to be an abstract time-killer, but the messages contained within the scribbles can literally hold the key to that next big idea, life change or emotional epiphany. Diane Durand has spent years both studying and teaching ‘effective doodling’ and, with demand for her services going […]

Sweet 50 Lensbaby, photo by

Lensbaby’s New Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile and Sweet 50 Optic for DLSR, Mirrorless and Motion Picture Cameras

Lensbaby, one of the world’s leading makers of creative-effects camera lenses, today announced the availability of the LM-10 Sweet Spot lens for mobile devices. The LM-10, which allows users to create Lensbaby’s signature “sweet spot” depth-of-field look on an iOS or Android phone, was originally introduced in April via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The […]
unseeen photo sharing app logo

Unseen, photo sharing app for college students seeking more online privacy, raises $2.1 million in funding

Bearch, an Austin-based company that strives to solve problems by connecting people in unique ways, today announced that it raised $2.1 million in funding for Unseen, its anonymous photo sharing app for college students. Texas-based investors include Dirk Elmendorf, co-founder of Rackspace; Rony Kahan, CEO/co-founder of; Doss Cunningham, CEO of Woodbolt International; and several other […]
An 8.5 x11 sheet is easily stitched together.

The Doxie Flip Scanner Captures it All – the Secret’s in the Software (REVIEW)

Ingenious! That is the best way to describe the Doxie Flip Mobile Flatbed Scanner DX70. A standalone item, it is self-contained and a pleasure to use. It is smart, compact, simple to use, well designed and lightweight. The crafty functionality manifests itself through a feature set making it seem that every imaginable user concern and […]

OpenDNS Open Sources 3D Security Visualization Engine for Big Data (Dataviz)

OpenGraphiti Enables Security Researchers to Easily Analyze Massive Amounts of Data to Detect Patterns and Uncover Threats OpenDNS, a leading provider of cloud-delivered security, has released OpenGraphiti, an interactive open source data visualization engine. OpenGraphiti enables security analysts, researchers and data scientists to pair visualization and Big Data to create 3D representations of threats. Much […]
Dataviz of Colleges Peers

What Colleges Does Your School Compare Itself To? (dataviz)

Every year, U.S. colleges submit a list of other schools they consider to be their peers in terms of finances, enrollment, and other measures to the Department of Education. In exchange, the schools get feedback on their performance relative to their self-reported peer group. The Chronicle of Higher Education took this data from around 1,600 four-year colleges […]
Spyder 3D World

Spyder 3D World kicks off new community with Sweepstakes for a 3D printer

Headquartered in Southern California, Spyder 3D World is creating what they are calling,  “a galactic 3d printing experience for enthusiasts of all levels.” Spyder 3D World is kicking off the community with a social media sweepstakes to give away an Airwolf AW3D HDx printer to one lucky winner. Airwolf 3D uses its own printers to produce parts for new […]

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