Liquid Image 4 G Live Streaming Wearable Camera

Wearable streaming Ego LS 4G camera from Liquid Image on display at CES 2015

Liquid Image demonstrated their Ego LS wearable 4G camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, which will be on the market within Q1 2015, and not dependent on any other device to stream content. The latest word is that the camera will be available by the end of Q1, and was held back from release […]
Wacom releases CINTIQ 27 QHD pressure-sensitive monitor at CES 2015

Wacom releases CINTIQ 27 QHD pressure sensitive monitor at CES 2015

Wacom, producer of pressure-sensitive tablets, monitors and computers for creative professionals and consumers, has released the latest (and largest) in their line of CINTIQ monitors: the CINTIQ 27 QHD. I spent time with Don Varga, Marketing Director for Creative Products for the Americas for Wacom, going over the specifications and uses for the monitor, which […]
E-ink announces color changing electronic ink

Color Changing Electronic Ink Technology: E Ink Prism unveiled at CES 2015

E Ink® Holdings announced E Ink Prism™ color changing electronic ink technology at the Consumer Electronics Show this past week. E Ink Prism is a major ground breaking initiative set to deliver unique and dynamic materials for architecture and design incorporating its new color changing electronic ink technology. Prism is unique in enabling architects and […]

Audi and NVIDIA’s TEGRA 3 bring the Cockpit of the Future to CES 2015

New Infotainment System, Smart Display, Digital Cockpit to Join Audi Lineup, All Powered by NVIDIA Tegra Mobile Processors These innovative solutions, disclosed at the German automaker’s press conference at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, include: a connected infotainment system with twice the performance of its predecessor; the world’s first automotive-grade tablet that is fully […]
Writing on the Betabook with a standard dry erase marker. The matte finish makes it perfect for photographing and storing images; it's the Betabook's API (Actual Physical Interface)

The Betabook API: an Actual Physical Interface for Visual Thinking (INTERVIEW)

After posting information about the Kickstarter campaign for Betabook, a single whiteboard in a book format that comes in two sizes, I had the opportunity to interview two of the project’s developers, Jay Cousins and Gabriel Shalom. Jay Cousins (@jaycousins) invented the Betabook portable whiteboard in 2012. Since then Patrizia Kommerell (@pkommerell) and Gabriel Shalom […]
Quickfire Networks purchased by Facebook

Facebook purchases QuickFire networks for greater speed video content delivery… and 4K?

Facebook, in its drive to respond to the ever-increasing uploading and sharing of social video, has purchased QuickFire Networks, as announced yesterday. QuickFire CEO Craig Y. Lee released a statement on the site’s homepage, stating; QuickFire Networks was founded on the premise that the current network infrastructure is not sufficient to support the massive consumption […]

Eyesight damage caused by use of digital devices infographic

Nearly 95 Percent of Americans at Risk for Digital Eye Strain with Increased Device Use (INFOGRAPHIC)

A new report by The Vision Council finds nearly 95 percent of Americans spend two or more hours every day on digital devices, permeating all aspects of our personal lives – from waking, to exercising to cooking. The report, released today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, found a lack of awareness about how this […]
DISH network's 4K joey

DISH network adds 4K joey, other services announced at CES 2015

Last year, 4K video was all over the Consumer Electronics Show in the form of monitors of many sizes…but where was the content? This year, DISH, offering Netflix and other services, is ready to dish it out. Here’s their story, a handful of service and hardware releases meant for the consumer market, and even trying […]
Narrative Clip Version 2

Narrative Debuts the Wi-Fi Enabled Clip 2 Wearable Camera and New App Features

Unveiled at CES 2015, Narrative’s tiny wearable camera features wireless connectivity, improved image quality and an upgraded user interface Narrative, the Swedish company that introduced the world’s most wearable camera, announces the Narrative Clip 2. Focused on wearability, this small camera snaps automatic photos of your life on the go, organizing them into moments that […]

Polaroid Blipfoto on all mobile devices

Polaroid partners with award-winning online photo journal, Blipfoto

Polaroid and Blipfoto, the award-winning online photo journal and social network, has just announced a partnership launching Polaroid Blipfoto, Polaroid Blipfoto is the unique online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their lives with just one photo each day. “People used to save their precious photos in a shoebox, looking through them and smiling […]
Interactive Payment Cards from MasterCard and Dynamics, Inc. For enhanced security, Dynamics interactive payment cards can include a display and keypad. When a consumer enters the correct unlocking code into the buttons of the card, the payment card number is provided on a display (for online use) and is written to the stripe (for in-store use). (Photo: Business Wire)

Dynamics, Inc produces the first “Computer in a Credit Card”, demoing at Consumer Electronics Show

Innovative Technology Replaces Traditional Credit and Debit Cards; Brings Greater Security, Convenience and Control to Consumers with Existing Point-of-Sale Equipment Dynamics, Inc. has brought to market the first and only functional interactive payment card with a computer inside and buttons, displays and LED on its face. In the growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) […]
Media General minority scholarship and training program

Apply for Minority Scholarship and Training Program in Broadcast Television and Digital Media until January 30

Media General Announces Minority Scholarship and Training Program for Students Pursuing Degrees in Broadcast Television and Digital Media Media General, Inc. announced it is accepting applications for its Minority Scholarship and Training Program until January 30, 2015. The Company will award two scholarships/internships to commence in Summer 2015: one for a qualified college sophomore or […]

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