Adobe Digital Index 2015 header

Adobe Digital Index for 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions Worldwide (Infographics)

Adobe has released their Digital Index for 2015 focusing on Holiday Shopping worldwide. Using their Adobe Marketing Cloud (with no reference to Google Analytics or other services for sourcing data), their methodology analyzes data from Adobe Analytics, Adobe Mobile Services and Adobe Social, claiming that their Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday predictions in previous years were […]
First-ever customized, one-of-a-kind 3D Spartan figurines from Halo 5: Guardians.

Customize and 3D Print Your Halo Spartans from Halo 5: Guardians

Customized Spartans from Halo 5: Guardians Now Available on HALOWAYPOINT.COM 3D Systems and Sandboxr team up with 343 Industries to launch the first of its kind 3D printing Digital to Doorstep™ platform for Halo 5: Guardians fans worldwide, in time for the holidays. Utilizing 3D Systems’ full color 3D printing technology on the ProJet® x60 […]
Air Pencil demo with Nils Forsblom, CEO of Adtile

Adtile Launches New Mobile Creative Tool-The Air Pencil

Inspired by Mili’s Photographs of Picasso’s Light Paintings, Adtile Incorporates its Motion Sensor Technology to Create 3D Art Using an iPhone   Adtile Technologies, a company known for its sensor-enabled Motion Ads, today announced the creation of the Air Pencil, a lightweight Web app that makes it possible to capture free-form motion with an iPhone. […]

DUI Statistics: an Infographic showing body counts

Many infographics use flat icons, simple color palettes, and strong typography. This one, showing DUI statistics, has one of the most clever icons representing death I’ve seen: the bottom of a foot with a tag on the toe, representing a cadaver in the morgue as often seen in crime dramas. What unusual icons have you […]

Ad Blockers Are Just a Symptom of Bad Marketing

Kids can be such a pain: Mine doesn’t watch TV but he streams a bunch of stuff to his tablet/smartphone  He loves to tell me how Stewart Brand was right at one of the earliest Hackers Conferences – information wants to/needs to be free   He doesn’t like ads, isn’t even influenced by them   […]
Graphicacy is running their 2015 sports-centric data visualization contest

Enter the Major League Data Challenge data visualization contest

Graphicacy will be accepting contest submissions until November 2, 2015. Graphicacy, a creative analytic design firm in Washington, DC, is sponsoring the 2015 Major League Data Challenge, a data visualization contest. This is the first in a series of contests organized by Graphicacy to encourage data visualizations that help users better understand key topics in […]

Unboxing the Bamboo Spark

The Bamboo Spark: A sketchnote tablet that works accurately

The Bamboo Spark bridges the divide between digital sketching software and traditional pen and paper, combining the two in one device. Wacom has created the perfect analog/digital hybrid sketching pad: the Bamboo Spark. Currently available with a single-size live note-taking area but with a few different configurations to sport not just a paper writing pad […]
Physician-Assisted Suicide State laws

Physician-assisted Suicide by State (INFOGRAPHIC)

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that makes California the fifth state to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using perscription drugs. The bill passed September 11th after a previous version failed. The visualization below shows physician-assisted suicide by state.   Data Curated by and sourced from ProCon Euthanasia.
Mental Canvas visual

Mental Canvas 3D digital sketching application emerges from patient investment

Mental Canvas is an NSF-funded digital sketching application that allows 3D exploration of 2D drawings. But in 2015, is drawing still relevant? “There’s nothing on the computer that can touch it,” says Julie Dorsey. For Julie Dorsey, sketching is a way to solve uncertainties; it’s a tool for trying out possibilities. Dorsey is the creator of […]


Computer models peer into polar future

As the Arctic summer sea ice reaches a near-record low, US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) supercomputer simulations explore the question of when the Arctic sea will be ice free. The answer: It’s sooner than you think. BlueFire and Ice. 7.5 million computing hours on the BlueFire supercomputer and 1 PetaByte of data storage were required for this […]
savings accounts

10 Better Investments Than a Savings Account (Infographics)

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Paul Sisolak Opening a savings account is one of the first steps toward reaching a financial goal—they’re ideal for building a nest egg and financial discipline. But it’s not the right place to put your money if you’re looking for high returns, especially in today’s low-rate environment. Lower deposit […]
Celebrities you forgot are felons INFOGRAPHIC

16 Celebrities You Forgot Were Felons (Infographics)

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Natalie Morin Celebrities are regarded as many people’s role models—people they look up and aspire to. With all that notoriety, they have the power to create change, to speak for those who don’t have the clout and to shed light on issues that really matter. Some celebrities live up […]

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