Sorenson Media – Pioneer in Video Encoding – Launches Squeeze Desktop 10 and Squeeze Server 3.0

A bigger squeeze for your media from Sorensen Media supporting both HEVC and VP9 encoding for 4K UHD video

Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of Squeeze Desktop 10 and Squeeze Server 3.0, the first encoding tools capable of supporting both HEVC and VP9 encoding, enabling video professionals to begin working with 4K UHD video.   “We surveyed our customer base in June 2014 and the results reinforced that the market demand for HEVC, […]
Chris about to swallow the device

Serial entrepreneurs launch first competition inside a human – an experiment in IoT

Pop! founder swallows a computer that will store the entries In looking for the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, this report has come to VizWorld’s attention and is, from the best we can tell, most likely true. We are taking it at face value, and hoping that, while being very entertaining, is worth investigating […]
Smartsheet visualization

Smartsheet Launches Work Visualization for Enterprises (DATAVIZ)

First comprehensive data visualization sheds valuable insights into how work actually gets done in organizations by showcasing processes, content assets, and people involved. Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-inspired collaborative work management tool, today unveiled a new way to visualize work and the various people contributing to it in Smartsheet. By breaking down the traditional organizational chart view […]


PlayOn’s AdSkipper allows skipping advertisements on recorded network TV shows

PlayOn is the first media-streaming software to bring ad skipping functionality to users after 2013 landmark court decision PlayOn announced the addition of the AdSkipper feature to its PlayOn and PlayLater TV-streaming software. The feature’s purpose is simple and stated directly in its name – skip advertisements on recorded network TV shows. PlayOn gives consumers the […]
fighting ebola: credit: Open IDEO

Using DataViz to fight Ebola: from Hackathons to Twitter visualizations

Hacking and crowdsourcing to fight Ebola (updated 10/21/2014) The Ebola outbreak that began in Africa and is now reaching the United States has moved from reporting from remote regions to creating fear in major US cities. Unlike the AIDS epidemic which began as the technology revolution was no more than personal computers and 5.25″ floppy disks, […]
2014 most dangerous celebrity searches

Jimmy Kimmel is the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014 says McAfee

Eighth Annual Study Shows that Searches for Musicians and Comedians are Most Common Among Americans Jimmy Kimmel, comedian and late night host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, replaces Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) as McAfee’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online. For the eighth year in a row, McAfee researched popular culture’s most famous people to […]

Sony Vegas Pro 13 layout

Sony Vegas Pro 13: Review

Are you looking for a NLE that isn’t being offered through a subscription? Here’s a review of Sony Vegas Pro 13. Vegas has a unique workflow and graphic user interface (GUI). For beginning editors, things are arranged in such a way that you will find it to be one of the easier professional editing software […]
David Zimmerman, President of LC Technology International

Data Recovery 101: Rescue your videos from those damaged cards

Have you lost data files to a read or write error on your SD, microSD or CF cards? Did your drone destroy your GoPro, and you’d like to at least recover the crash files so your next viral video can pay for a new GoPro? Wondering how to recover all of this the data? Vizworld […]
Charles Hull, inventor of stereolithography

A Timeline History of 3D Printing (Infographic)

A recent internet find, here’s a timeline of the History of 3D printing, starting in 1983, with Charles Hull’s invention of the solid imaging process known as stereolithography (3D Printing)  and the STL file format. The most recent entries includes the opening of Amazon’s 3D printing store in July 2014, and the creation of a 3D mockup […]

Data in Dollars (Infographic)

The High Cost of Manual BI Reporting (INFOGRAPHIC)

What is the true cost of creating Business intelligence? It can be looked at from many ways, but here’s an infographic which takes on the task by breaking down the individuals involved in creating a report “the old fashioned way… by hand”. By hand might still be involved when preparing or setting up a BI […]
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

Online … Content is the Same, Only Different

“I don’t see why there should be any question about capital punishment. I think everyone in the capital should be punished.” – Goldie Hawn – “Rowan & Martin Laugh-In” (’68-’73) Not long ago, Tellywood executives took their big checkbooks to Park City to bid on the indie films at Sundance. We, in turn, headed for […]
George Harrison Teams with Olivia and Dhani Harrison, Inviting Filmmakers to Create an Official George Harrison Music Video

Contest Underway to Create the Music Video for “What Is Life” from the Newly Released George Harrison Box Set, ‘The Apple Years 1968-75’ has partnered with Olivia and Dhani Harrison to give filmmakers the opportunity to create a new, official music video for one of George Harrison’s most popular songs, “What Is Life.” Accepting […]

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