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How NVIDIA’s Driver Installers Are Eating Up Free Space | Lifehacker Australia

Those of you that run Windows and use NVidia graphics hardware might want to take this little tip from LifeHacker Australia under advisement and check out your NVidia driver folders.  For most it won’t matter, but if you upgrade often or are running on a tiny drive (like an SSD), you might find some valuable […]

How The Rainbow Color Map Misleads

Robert Kosara has a great writeup on the problems of the Rainbow Colormap, something that’s been a hotly debated topic at the last few VisWeeks and a long-running complaint of many in the scivis field.  Perhaps my favorite part is his simple synopsis of why the known-bad colormap still persists: Given the issues, why are […]

SC13 Scientific Visualization Showcase

For those of you working in the scientific visualization or HPC spaces, you should consider submitting something to this year’s SC13 Scientific Visualization Showcase in Denver, CO. The Scientific Visualization Showcase is back for a third year. Selected entries will be displayed live in a museum/art gallery format so that attendees can experience and enjoy […]

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How to make a Quality Business Video

Eventually, almost every business makes a video to use for training, marketing, or advertising. Unless you’re in the minority, you probably want something that looks professional and high quality. This infographic covers some of the basics you’ll want to be aware of before you begin creating your own video. Via: KZO Innovations

Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 will support WebGL

In a move that might finally bring WebGL out of the “chrome experiments” and “neat widgets” world and into mainstream, Microsoft has finally caved and decided to include native WebGL support in the upcoming IE11. In a massive about-turn, after declaring WebGL to be insecure and working on its own HTTP replacement, IE11 will support […]

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Memorable Moments in Baseball History

Baseball is the American Pastime, and there are lots of memorable moments that are ingrained in US history. This infographic covers some of the biggest. Via:

Beat the heat by freezing Python in ParaView

Kitware just announced VTK4.0 recently, and now they’re back again with announcement of a new feature in the upcoming version of ParaView targeted for massively parallel users dealing with crippling launch times. Ever wondered why opening the Python shell in ParaView for the very first time, or doing “from paraview.simple import *” in pvpython shell […]

12 ways to make better car renders

3dWorldMag has a nice article from artist Dave Cox that covers several tricks for use with 3dsMax and VRay in automotive rendering, but that can also apply in a wide variety of other styles as well. Automotive rendering is one of the toughest disciplines to master. As with pro car photography, the techniques you need […]

New method 700 times faster than the norm for magnifying digital images

Aránzazu Jurío-Munárriz was working with an infographics company on creating “super resolution” images, and along the way came up with a way to resample and magnify images that’s 700-times faster than traditional methods. Starting with a three-dimensional model the company used to generate various images to show to its clients; these images needed to be […]