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VTK 6.0.0 is available for download

Kitware has just announced the official release of VTK 6.0.0.  This version boasts lots of bugfixes and cleanups, along with such important features as new text rendering support, modern OpenGL support in Mesa, GPGPU processing, and improved time-varying format support. 6.0 is the first major release since 5.0 in December 2005. The great extent of […]

FXGuide’s The Art of Rendering

FXGuide has a fantastic writeup on “The Art of Rendering” that covers various optimization techniques to speed up high-quality renders into multiple passes, and then breaks it all down into various studio approaches and individual software programs. Renderers are easy to write in the abstract, as perhaps a university project, but to work in production […]

Trends and Forecasts in Computer Graphics

Jon Peddie has a great article over at TechPinions that covers the recent growth in the mobile graphics space, focusing heavily on the new features of OpenGL ES3.0. Open GL ES 3.0 has incorporated many features from its big brother the workstation version of Open GL. In many respects, OGL ES has advanced features not […]

next generation video: Introducing Daala is now leaking out a few details about their new video coded “Daala” that trades the classic DCT representation of frames and video, used in  most other codecs, for a “lapped transform”. Daala is a new general-purpose video codec currently under development at Xiph.Org. Our performance target is roughly a generation beyond current ‘next-generation’ […]

Linden Lab: Makers of Shared Creative Spaces

Second Life is celebrating it’s 10th birthday, an amazing milestone for anything software-based, particularly massive online virtual spaces.  In addition to lots of things happening in-world, they’ve posted some interesting numbers online about how well the system is holding up after 10 years. “Second Life is a vibrant shared creative space, filled with the creativity […]

Nvidia adds ARM platform support to CUDA GPU programming

NVidia has just released their first previews of CUDA5.5 with their usual collection of new bells and whistles, but one big one shows up in this version: Native ARM support for the classis CUDA toolchain. Nvidia says combining high-performance CUDA-enabled GPU accelerators with low-power ARM-based systems on a chip (SoCs) will enable ARM-based systems to […]

The Augmented Lecture Feedback System

Another interesting use-case for wearable AR systems like Google Glass comes from a Spanish university that has integrated it into a lecturer system for monitoring classroom participation. Researchers at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed the Augmented Lecture Feedback System (ALFs), a HUD glasses interface that teachers can wear while giving a lecture. From […]

LiveMap: The Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet of the Future?

Over in Russia, a new entry into the ever-growing augmented reality space comes in the form of a special Motorcycle helmet. Designed in Russia, the unique helmet design features a head-mounted display with a full-color, translucent picture projected directly onto the visor. An on-board light sensor adjusts the image brightness and translucency based on the […]

Using Metadata to find Paul Revere

A clever, and slightly scary, writeup from Kieran Healy puts a revolutionary-spin on the current NSA PRISM debacle, showing how even all this “useless metadata” can be collected into scary and telling pieces of information.  Specifically, how the membership rosters of 7 social clubs could be used to find the central traitor in the midst, […]

Voreen 4.3 Released

Volume Visualization tool “Voreen” has just dropped version 4.3 with some impressive new features, including a new NVidia-only OpenGL4.3-based mode for polyhedral geometries. Voreen 4.3 adds two new raycasters: An octree-based out-of-core renderer implemented in OpenCL (sample workspace: raycasting-largedata-cl.vws), and a multi-volume raycaster implemented in OpenGL 4.3 (currently only on NVIDIA) that supports polyhedral proxy-geometries […]