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It is with a heavy heart that I finally make this announcement: is for sale. As much as I love the sight and the many people it’s brought me to, I simply don’t have time to do the site justice anymore.  The first two years was great, but I simply haven’t had the time […]

Hynix FABs on fire after chemical explosion (Update)

A shocking piece of news coming from Hynix Labs, one of the world’s leading suppliers of DRAM to both AMD and NVidia.  One of their two fab facilities caught fire after a chemical explosion, halting 15% of the world’s DRAM production. Initial reports are that no one was hurt in the incident, but prices are […]

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Summer Energy Consumption

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CGTrader’s 3D Game Model Challenge

CGTrader is hosting a “3d Game Model” challenge for any modelers that think they have the chops to design models suitable for inclusion in real-time games.  With some basic limits of 50k-poly max and original work, the prize portfolio is impressive for the winner. The winner comes away with a a bundle of licenses for […]


MAXON Announces Availability of CINEMA 4D Release 15

MAXON has just announced immediate availability of Version 15 of their popular CINEMA4D package, this time with some new network rendering features and much more. David Lewandowski, director and animation artist (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy, Tiny Tortures, Going to the Store) states, “Release 15 is an exciting update for users of every skill level. The all-new […]

OpenGL SuperBible 6th Edition Now Available

The new edition of the OpenGL SUperBible is out and available for purchase from sites like Amazon ($40 for Prime Members), and finally brings the popular text up to OpenGL 4.0, all the way to 4.3. This edition of the book is a pretty thorough overhaul of the previous edition. Most of the samples have been […]

Web-Based Color Tools has a nice roundup of several web-based Color picking tools, including some well-known ones and a few smaller ones tuned for specific applications. It is impossible to create anything visual without making color decisions. And to make things harder, estimates of the total number of discernable colors range from one hundred thousand to ten […]

Watch 3D (with Glasses) and 2D (without glasses) at the Same Time

The guys at the University of California Santa Cruz have developed an interesting 3D display that can simultaneously display 2D and 3D to viewers, making wearing glasses a completely optional experience.  It sounds magic at first, but the reality is quite simple: The projector displays alternatively three images every 1/120th of a second: left eye, […]

Parallel Volume Rendering in yt, SciPy2013

Thanks to InsideHPC for pointing out this interesting video from the creators of “yt”, an interactive visualization tool for astrophysics simulation data.  In the presentation they talk about their new support for AMR and multiresolution meshes, and how they’ve adapted it for use with their community-built volume visualization system. In order to accommodate increasingly large […]
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NAS Modeling and Visualization Through the Years

The NAS group at NASA has posted a neat timeline of the growth of their HPC and visualization efforts going back to `83.  With lots of CFD tools, it’s amazing to see how far the field has grown over the last 30 years. NAS Modeling and Visualization Through the Years.