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Does the CAD world need another geometry kernel?

by on June 7, 2013

Russia has long had a long history of strong engineering, and recently they’ve turned their focus onto software and CAD systems.  There have been several new CAD kernels from the major players recently, but over at GraphicSpeak they take a look at what the Russians are bringing to the table.

The C3D kernel is not the only kernel being built in Russia. There is also a government mandate to build the Russian Geometry Kernel, RGK, a B-rep (boundary representation) modeler, which also supports NURBS curves and surfaces. The description of the RGK says it’s been optimized for complex operations including using special types of curves and surfaces designed for the kernel, and as a result, it is faster and more precise. The RGK is being developed by Russian mathematicians at the Moscow university, and like the C3D modeler, it has support for multi-threading and GPU acceleration.

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