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Kitware to Accelerate Community-Driven Medical Innovation

by on May 9, 2013

kitware-logoA new press release from Kitware, makers of CMake, ParaView, VTK, ITK, and lots of popular scientific visualization toolkits, announces that they just got a grant from the NIH to push forward in the biomedical space.

Historically, VTK been indirectly funded by the development of related applications such as ParaView. This new award comes after a crescendo of requests from the VTK community to reinvigorate the toolkit as a catalyst for interactive visualization research in medicine. As such, this project will update the graphics infrastructure to support the representation and rendering of large data over the web, on mobile platforms, and with interactive 3D widgets.

I’m excited to see those last few pieces in there: large data over the web and on mobile platforms.  It looks like Kitware could really be positioning themselves as the frontrunner in high-end scientific visualization in almost all industries (Web, Mobile, Desktop, and HPC).

via Kitware – News: Kitware to Enhance the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) to Accelerate Community-Driven Medical Innovation.