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AMD claims new HD7990 graphics board is the world’s fastest

by on May 9, 2013

AMD has announced their newest GPU , the HD7990.

The HD 7990 combines two GPUs and can deliver 8.2 (peak) TFLOPS single precision, and 2 TFLOPS (peak) double) precision. AMD claims they can run Tomb Raider with their new TressFX Hair technology enabled, or Crysis3 in 4K resolution. However, remember: 4K monitors are currently limited to 30 fps. The HD 7990 comes with 6 GB GDDR5, so it has the mem­ory to double or even triple buffer a 4K display. The HD7990 supports 4K through its DisplayPort ports, and they in turn can generate an HDMI via a dongle cable.

Definitely sounds impressive, and in addition they’ve added a new “Eyefinity 5” mode perfect for gaming.  I’ve recently run into this myself where the Eyefinity setup runs great with 4 or 6 monitors, but 5 seems to be a weird “unknown” set.  In this card, 5 monitors create a long 5×1 line of monitors, with the Center of the display in the center of the 3rd monitor.

The card is expected to retail for $999.

via AMD claims new HD7990 graphics board is the world’s fastest.