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48-hour Sale for Foundry’s CameraTracker – 40% OFF!

by on October 11, 2012

If you’ve had your eye on The Foundry’s amazing CameraTracker app, but haven’t been able or willing to foot the price tag, then just wait til next week where they will have a massive 40% off discount, for 48 hours only!

We wanted to let you know about our 48 hour CAMERATRACKER sale planned for 16th October, offering more than 40% off the list price.

That’s a node-locked licence for just £100/ $165/ €120 or a floating for £150/ $485/ €180.

The sale will run from 9:00am 16th October until 9:00am 18th October London time, and you can go ahead and download their 15-day free trial to use until then.